The best of Kopron Wuxi at Chengdu University. Permanent exhibition of Kopron products for degree course specializing in logistics

Published on 2 April 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron Wuxi in Jiangsu, has been representing Kopron excellence in Far East for years; All Kopron products such as warehouses, industrial doors and loading bays already present in the Chinese market thanks to the great job done by professional dealers are now displayed at Chengdu University available for teachers and students. The meeting was organized by an important local Kopron dealer, in a territory with over hundred million inhabitants.

Chengdu Institute, part of the Sichuan International Studies University (CISISU), is an independent institute run by the state, with the aim to prepare young people to become qualified managers and with the mission to ‘ to expand advanced cultures in the world, promote international cooperation, train talented people and contribute to the development of society”.

Kopron products dominated the meeting;  technical characteristics and logistic advantages were widely explained by CEO Mr Mario Vergani, and by Kopron Wuxi General Manager Mr Paolo Mercuri, at the presence of the highest university representatives and several ‘top customers’ who had been invited to the event.

Students and teachers who were among the audience have now the chance to prove the excellent logistic solutions offered by Kopron. Displaying the products was the opportunity to test what had just been described during the meeting.

GM Paolo Mercuri is very proud of the great job Chengdu dealer is facing to cover the South-East Chinese market:

“It is a pleasure to help students to understand how to optimize spaces within facilities; Kopron Wuxi is totally available to cooperate with university students, because we believe that quality starts from proper training and preparation….. the success of any company mostly depends on training, knowledge and continuous development and this can be achieved thanks to the interaction between the academic world and the industrial”.

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