Kopron do Brasil inaugurated a huge logistics park, for Global Logistic Properties. Installing 98 sectional doors and 96 loading bays

Published on 12 March 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron, with their production pole Kopron do Brasil have been present in the territory for the past ten years, and lately have cooperated with Global Logistic Properties, leaders in Brazil, China and Japan in providing modern logistic facilities. Kopron have designed, produced and installed  96 loading/unloading bays plus 98 sectional doors for GLP Brazil at Gravataí – Porto Alegre.

The working area spreads over 110.000 m2. Clarisse Etcheverry, the Development Manager states the pole is ‘…one of the main industrial centers at Rio Grande do Sul located in a strategic area for distribution’. By choosing Kopron solutions, GLP have improved handling of goods by cutting down loading/unloading time and avoiding thermal dispersion, all in total safety and comfort.

The project required a great job on behalf of Kopron designers and technicians who had to face the challenge to install loadings bays in a huge area in a short time. Loading bays are ideal systems to adjust the difference in height and distance between vehicles and the building floors. In particular the loading bays chosen were the electro-hydraulic type with hinged lips. The hinges have a width of 20mm, allowing to work from any type of vehicle. Sectional doors enable safe and quick access to the warehouse without thermal dispersion: this thanks to special insulating panels they are padded with.

This important cooperation with GLP is an evidence on how Kopron do Brasil have managed to get a considerable slice of the local market“We reached this important result thanks to a very extensive work done on the market” said General Manager  Giacomo Niccolai“Having widened the area devoted to production, we are able to carry out  big orders like the one for GLP”.

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