11° Sales Meeting Kopron 2015. The Power of Brand: People make the difference.

Published on 10 March 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron held at Headquarters in Italy their usual annual sales meeting with over 80 guests among sales agents, retailers and main representatives from sister companies. The Power of Brand – People make the difference was this year’s motto since Kopron believe that every single person is able to bring precious value and contribution to the success of the Company. General Managers from the sister companies started off presenting their latest sales  results for  warehouses, industrial doors and loading/unloading systems which are the core business products. Suprisingly, although the critical period for economy, in 2014 there has been a  5% increase from 2013. Going into detail, Kopron Brazil recorded the best turnover among sister companies, and Kopron Italy have increased sales of warehouses by 25% during the past two years 2013/2014. This year the Company has celebrated the achievement of total 2,000,000 square meters of warehouses installed around the world.

Mario Vergani, Kopron CEO e Sales Mgr said “ Developing final product requires great knowledge, passion and implies a strong desire for  research and  innovation, thanks to people with this spirit working with us every day, we were able to achieve such results.”

After this accurate analysis, new products were presented: the Kopron turnkey closings to be installed around paddle fields. Then the characteristics and functions of the automatic doors were presented followed by the introduction of a brand new folding door K-Vision glass/glass with unique design. Enrico Bambace, Molfetta plant manager, said with satisfaction: “Soon we will be adding new closing systems to our range being able to meet market demand.” Fausto Cionini, Kopron Energy and Sport Mgr made the point on the great results had from the small wind turbine sales and presented the new paddle field made by Kopron.

CEO Mario Vergani added “Industries must update their range of products, and improve production process with the aim to offer always the best quality, which is a must for us.” Mrs Giovanna Comi Technical Mgr, highlighted how the use of new machinery and having obtained new certifications contributed to this improvement.

Single product analysis as well as marketing strategies for 2015 were other interesting topics discussed during this 11th issue.

Kopron also proposed during the day a team building experience con Mr Alberto Riccardi(ICF-PCC Executive Coach) who according to Charles Darwin’s theory on change, entertained the whole group with games and experiences:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsible to change”. (Charles Darwin).

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