Toselli relies on Kopron’s retractable warehouse to expand storage spaces

Published on 11 May 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023
capannone retrattile macchinari agricoltura bologna

Toselli Srl, a family-run business that has been operating for over 80 years in the agricultural field near Bologna, asked Kopron to design and produce a retractable warehouse for storing raw materials and industrial machinery. A logistics solution which could perfectly meet their requirements.

Usually, the choice of the best product on the market should totally meet the expectations of customers. For this reason, Kopron demands special efforts from their team of experts.

Design, installation and customization: the Kopron retractable warehouse in detail

Kopron retractable warehouses are designed to be packed, they can either be extended to cover a space, or drawn back to leave space, according to need.

This retractable warehouse, in particular, is 20mt wide x 40.6mt long and 6mt tall, and covers a total surface of 800 square meters.

The structure consists of a body in hot galvanized steel, covered with a light grey tarpaulin and anthracite bands, in self-extinguishing, Class II PVC. On the right side of the warehouse a row of vision panels is inserted, made of transparent Energy Saving material, which allows the passage of 40% natural light.

The other side is decorated with the company’s Logo, which gives the warehouse a further identity and a classy touch.

Once packed, the structure occupies only 1/3 of the total length, about 13.5 meters, optimizing the available space.

Mr Francesco Grasso, Kopron’ Sales Agent, says:

“To optimize the internal and external logistics flow, Customer was looking for the best solution on the market. His research lead him immediately to Kopron SpA. In only 30 days it was possible to assemble a retractable warehouse of over 800sqm, meeting customer’s demand and need”.

Toselli top quality agricultural machines 100% Made in Italy

Speed ​​of installation and removal, accurate design and little paperwork, are the winning features when you choose Kopron warehouses.

Toselli, founded in 1969 and located between Bologna and Modena, is a famous technological pole and land of mechanical and hydraulic excellences. Their need was to create further storage space, optimizing logistics and industrial productivity. First company in Italy to produce self-­propelled sprayers and hydraulic booms, it relies on specialists which have been accurately selected.

The special attention they usual pay to design and production lead them to choose Kopron logistics solutions.

Ettore Pancaldi, the Technical Mgr for Toselli Srl, says:

“Toselli is a family-run business specializing in the production of agricultural machinery since 1969. Thanks to a rapid growth we needed to increase the production area quickly. So, we decided to install a Kopron PVC Structure, customizing the curtain with our logo. We are fully satisfied for being able to extend and pack the warehouse with ease and in safety”.

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