Kopron retractable warehouses for Sicilferro: more flexible space for a new warehouse

Published on 4 May 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023
capannone retrattile per aree magazzino sicilia

Over 1,000 sqm of Kopron retractable warehouses for Sicilferro, a leading company in the Civil Construction sector.

The construction concerned with the installation of three new retractable warehouses to expand the warehouse areas of the Sicilian company.

The retractable warehouse structure consists of a body in hot-dipped galvanized steel, guaranteed for 10 years, and a strong PVC fabric double coated polyester, Class II covering.

The dimensions of the installed fabric warehouses are as follows:

  • a warehouse of 16mt wide x 20mt long x 5,5mt tall
  • two warehouses of 15mt wide x 25mt long x 5mt tall


Why would you choose Kopron Retractable Warehouses?

Kopron warehouses are chosen by companies that work the iron to increase logistics and production capabilities in a short time. Speed ​​of installation and disassembly, low cost and few bureaucratic formalities are the winning characteristics of the product.

Unlike aluminum structures, Kopron fabric warehouses are designed and calculated (certifying static and dynamic performances) for the exact place of installation. This guarantees their absolute safety and resistance over the years.

The choice of a retractable warehouse gives the possibility to make the covers both fixed and retractable. The warehouse runs on wheels sitting on a track and it packs. In this way, the space below can be completely open or closed according to needs.

On all Kopron retractable structures, steel wheels with double airtight ball bearings are mounted. The wheel casing adheres to the track with an accident prevention and dirt protection system. Also the sliding track is anti-derailment (Kopron patented). These features guarantee greater safety in use.


The company in detail: who is Sicilferro?

Sicilferro was born in 1982, in Sicily, Southern Italy. The company is a valid center for processing iron centre for civil construction.

Founded in the early ’80s by Rosario Scurria, with years of experience in the construction industry, and supported by his sons Mauro, Cristiano and Alessandro, Sicilferro is today a leading company in the construction industry, able to ensure development and continuity to their products.

Salvo Chiara, the local Kopron Sales Agent, says:

“The Customer has chosen Kopron for the quality of the product and for the structural flexibility that no other warehouse would have ensured. Being able to expand the available space with speed and cost-effectiveness was definitely the best trump card.”

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