Kopron loading bays at the Moncada’s fruit and vegetable distribution center.

Published on 25 May 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023
baie di carico per moncada freschi alimentari sicilia

Special climatic conditions, not repeatable elsewhere, allow Sicily to grow exceptional quality fruits and vegetables. The quality of a Made in Italy comes from companies dedicated to their work and, above all, to the satisfaction of their Customers.

On this basis, comes the collaboration between Kopron and Moncada, two leading Italian companies in their respective sectors. Kopron installed four particular loading bays at the Fruit and Vegetable Distribution Center. They’ve improved the logistics flows of local products.

Corporate identity applied to logistics solutions

Each individual product installed by Kopron has design elements. The supply of fresh products requires optimal conservation in all stages of distribution. Kopron designed and supplied logistic solutions whose function is to operate the goods loading and unloading, responding to the Client’s needs. The perfect harmony between the design of Kopron products and the consortium’s visual identity that has fully satisfied the Customer’s requests.

The Kopron loading and unloading bays consist of elements that are available in different models: dock levelersdock shelters and sectional doors.

The Customer has chosen dock levelers with swinging lip, anthracite color, to compensate for the difference in height and distance between the vehicle and the warehouse floor. Then, the standard raised dock shelters cover the vehicle when it is tied up to the ramp. Finally, the sectional doors allow to ensure a quick opening and closing system.

In these latter, Kopron has included some design elements that go perfectly with Moncada corporate identity. Through green panels with aeronautical portholes, patented by Kopron, the Customer’s requests have been fully met.

The Agricultural Cooperative in detail

Moncada family business emerged in the 1950s, in the beautiful south-eastern Sicily. The organization has evolved in many of its productive and it has since consolidated itself within the Italian fruit and vegetables market. On January 2013, Moncada became a Cooperative Agricultural Society. Today, Moncada produces and distributes a wide range of high quality products for the most prestigious Italian GDOs. Through “CEDIOF”, a company in joint partnership with “Conad Sicilia”, the company guarantees a quality distribution service to retail stores.

Luca Peluso, the local Kopron Official Dealer, says:

“Our customer’s needs have been met with satisfaction. The corporate image is combined with the functionality of the loading and unloading systems, guaranteeing extremely high levels of heat loss restraint, working in the cold chain.”

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