Kopron do Brasil in “food and beverage”: installed an important systems for loading/unloading goods for Pepsico Brasil

Published on 23 April 2015
Modified on 5 April 2023

Efficiency and quality offered to one of the greatest multinational corporations

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Kopron do Brasil, in São Paulo, is one of the strongest emerging industries in the logistic field in Brazil.PepsiCo Brasil, located at Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, is an important reference point for the economy of the region of Santa Maria in the State of  Rio Grande do Sul. Kopron manufactured for PepsiCo ten systems for loading/unloading lorries which transit daily carrying products around the country.

Each system consists of a mechanical front dock leveller, which creates a bridge between the building floor and lorry platform, enabling the passage of forklifts with maximum weight capacity of 5000 kg. The dock levelers are welded directly to the edge of the bay and move with an electro-hydraulic control system. Kopron managed to set up loading/unloading bays in an area, which otherwise would’nt  have been exploited.

This cooperation with PepsiCo proves the importance achieved locally by Kopron do Brasil.General Manager Giacomo Niccolai, who provided to widen production facilities in order to keep pace with the growing market demand, said: “In recent years production has grown considerably; having the chance to work with one of the most important industrial realities in the world has been very rewarding for all of us. Every day we work hard to keep our leadership in the local market like headquarters in Italy have been doing for years in theirs”.

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