Expo 2015: All Italy’s biodiversity under a roof signed Kopron

Published on 1 May 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

The Expo’s Biodiversity Park is the result of a partnership between BolognaFiere and Expo 2015 SpA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of the Environment, and is covered by huge structures made in Kopron.

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BioDiveristy Park at Expo 2015 displays, under huge tents produced by Kopron, all agriculture and food production techniques which are making the most of the Italian environment. Kopron designed for this project three tents covering three different areas such as the: Biodiversity Park, the Biodiversity exhibition, Theatre of the Earth and the Biological Pavilion.

Created through the  partnership between BolognaFiere and Expo 2015 SpA, in collaboration with  Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of  the  Environment, the park is a huge green space spreading over  8.500 sqm, from the Tree of Life to Door East. During Expo 2015, it will host many initiatives having to do with conservation of the Italian Biodiversity, biological and sustainable agriculture, main tool for ‘nourishing the planet’ without damaging the delicate ecosystem.

Designed by architect Fabio Fornasari, during the six months of  Expo 2015 the Biodiversity Park will also host numerous events, special initiatives telling visitors all about the ‘Bio’ world.

Kopron structures – as Fornasari said – remind us of objects of great design: like scissors or coffee machines, where you can’t really determine who ever designed them. These structures have a perfect shape and function perfectly, we chose them because they harmonize with the wide green area which is the core of the project, conceived as a ‘Grand Tour’ through the variety of environments offered in our peninsula”.

“We are proud to be able to show all our visitors such an important pavilion displaying all the myriads of aspects of our country- as Messrs Mario e Paolo Vergani Kopron owners and sharehoulders said – It is thanks to the great job of all our team, and to the over 30 years experience in similar installations around the world, that enabled us to achieve such results”.

Kopron arched tents extend over an area of 3,000 sqm, the carrying structure is in hot-galvanized steel with intumescent coating. The covering is in Class 1, self-extinguishing, white colour fabric with seven inserts in polycarbonate. The structure is bolted to the floor with a chemical anchoring system,  it has led lights, and a floating floor layed upon a  base in concrete.

The structures are provided with automatic skylights for natural ventilation to reduce use of air conditioning.

Kopron have always used steel for their carrying structures. This material can be re-cycled and used again for other applications guaranteeing environmental sustainability.

The three tents which are in perfect harmony with the ambient created by the Biodiversity Park, give a contribution to the beauty and importance the park deserves.

Modern fixtures of essential design, consist of stratified glass with sliding entrance doors of Kopron production. These doors are silent thanks to Brushless motors with “Energy Saving” technology totally in compliance with the policy of Expo 2015. Brushless motors do not require maintenance.

Kopron manufactured and installed these tents in only 30 days. What an achievement!

Kopron tents will host activities organized by the main representatives of the biological agriculture sector: FederBioConfederation of Italian FarmersBiodynamic agriculture AssociationLegambiente (AN ITALIAN ENVIROMENTALIST ASSOCIATION) Nuremberg exhibition and  IFOAM, the world organization for the organic agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of  the  EnvironmentUniversity coordinators for EXPO and other important research centers.

Thanks to all of them, the Park will be the way to show all innovations within biological agriculture expressed in Expo 2015.

Duccio Campagnoli,President of  BolognaFiere, said “we studied this project according to what we felt necessary to be done, as organizers of SANA, the international exhibition of organic and natural products which has been following for years the development of organic cultivation in Italy, together with other associations like FederBioConfederation of Italian FarmersBiodynamic agriculture Association. We believe you can’t talk about the core theme of EXPO 2015- “Feeding the PlanetEnergy for Life” without taking the way that leads to agricultural innovation and to new feeding behaviour”.

Kopron S.p.A, a consolidated International reality in the logistics field, have implemented a wide range of products able to meet all industrial sectors. Kopron is operating at present in six different sectors:
LogisticsSportLivingAgroenergyEnergy Services and Engineering, in over 30 years experience they have reached highest quality standards. Thanks to sister-companies located in Spain, France, China, Brazil, and to retailers all over the world a great slice of the foreign market has been covered.

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