Kopron loading bays for the Sodebo food logistics in São Paulo

Published on 24 July 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023
kopron per logistica alimentare sodebo

Kopron do Brasil completes an important installation. A new logistic centre has just been created for Sodebo, a multinational company in the field of food products, with Kopron loading bays.

The logistics of fresh foods is included in the food chain of perishable goods and this is why it was even more important to choose adequate logistic equipment. The problem of fresh foods is the different between external and internal temperatures. Maintaining the very best conditions in terms of temperature allows for safe and convenient transport without the possibility of the food perishing.

From development through to installation, a made to measure turn-key service has been guaranteed in full compliance of a successful integrated project.

Recessed loading bays: the best solution in food

The Kopron loading bays offer the guarantee of operating in total safety and in observance of specific norms for every country in which they are to be used. Modern logistics with suitable equipment and fittings should pursue the following objectives: accelerate loading and unloading times, reduce heat exchanges so as not to stimulate perishability and avoid damages to vehicles, buildings and goods. Not only, the safety of personnel in loading and unloading operations is further guaranteed by the compliant use of electronic equipment.

The recessed loading bays are the very best solution in contexts as in the one in question. Here are further technical details. The loading ramp of this model is 2,500 mm long with a telescopic beak of 1,000 mm. It is fitted onto a pit of 3,000 mm long and is withdrawn by 500mm in the resting position compared with the edge of the platform. The sectional door closes the loading bay completely, covering the ramp internally. The best technical choice to avoid heat dispersion.

The dock levellers installed in this logistics centre have a telescopic edge. Once the loading bed has been raised and the edge of the ramp rests on the loading area of the truck, this ramp follows the vehicle as it raises and falls. This model is practical and functional and facilitates safe food transport.

The supply has been completed with dock shelters. Made from sturdy self-supporting frames designed specifically to absorb the shocks of potential incorrect manoeuvres. This equipment also protects the goods, reducing heat dispersion. In logistics of food products, they are perfect for food storage during the movement and loading/unloading phases.

The areas are closed by sectional doors with a high level of thermal insulation, suitable to maintain the correct temperature. In all storage areas, especially in the food sector, thermal insulation is guaranteed: through the supply of panels whose thickness guarantees an extremely high level of insulation. The sectional door chosen is 40mm thick and it is white (recommended for a reduction in the thermal delta).

The logistic flows of the internal areas have been optimised through the installation of rapid doors produced by Kopron.

Sodebo, a food company in expansion

Sodebo was born 40 years ago in a small French city, thanks to the audacious and innovative spirit of a wishful couple. Today, managed by the second generation, their main commitment is to offer tasty, practical and high quality food products. A multinational company undergoing huge expansion with an important production and logistics centre in Brazil.


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