Shipyard covers? The Kopron fabric Buildings, the best solutions

Published on 17 July 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023
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The field of sailing is on the up, a positive sign for a new found vitality in the market. The thing that links large shipyards with small activities is the need to increase space in a flexible manner. Increasing space in a fast and safe way is a contingent requirement in this field. The ideal covers for sailing can be found in the Kopron fabric buildings.

Why are the Kopron fabric buildings suitable for shipyard covers?

There are many advantages in the use of these covers for shipyard activities. A Kopron fabric buildings compared with a brick structure or a light tent structure has clear advantages that can be summarised in the following points:

  • Quick installation
  • Economic, versatile, mobile and movable
  • No limits in terms of dimensions: large spaces and reduced structures
  • Safe, earthquake resistant, light and long lasting
  • Ideal to cover any process and in any location
  • 100% ecologic

It is important not to become confused and always remember the difference between light tent structures for temporary and precarious use and stable steel tent structures (such as Kopron fabric buildings). In the second case, the finished structure bears the EC brand and PC (Performance Certificate) according to the norm UNI EN 1090-1. Every PVC hangar designed by Kopron is produced with the sole objective of satisfying customer requirements, the characteristics of the geographical area in which it will be installed, calculating and certifying the static and dynamic performance. Therefore they can be defined as elastic structures with a high level of resistance to earthquakes, wind and atmospheric conditions. Only once use has been defined by the customer, can the right type of structure be identified. If the requirement is for precarious and temporary use (just a few days), the customer can opt for a light tent structure without the characteristics of a much more solid structure as listed above. On the other hand, if the requirement is to focus on safety and stability, a Kopron industrial fabric buildings structure can be chosen.

The need for PVC hangars in the field of sailing is generally born from the needs to store boats and materials or cover various types of production processes. Important and expensive production processes requiring solid and stable PVC covers, capable of resisting to weather conditions. This is why we recommend the choice of safe tent structures designed to resist the characteristics of the geographical area in which they are fitted and their specific use.

More than 35 years of references in the field of vessels

More than 35 years of references in the field of vessels
With more than 35 years of activities, throughout the years Kopron has served the most prestigious shipyards and ports in Italy and throughout the world. Many details have been designed specifically to satisfy the requirements in this field: from the choice of insulated PVC panels, through to the use of special paints to avoid corrosion of the steel beams. Not only, Kopron guarantees a proven structure throughout the years, available fixed or mobile and therefore folding or sliding at the same time. The metal arches of the structure slide along special forged steel wheels that rest on non-derailing tracks. Another strong point that characterises this type of hangars can be found in the ability to move a steel structure from one shipyard to another.

One of the advantages of using Kopron products is the extremely high level of personalisation. Ships and boats occupy large spaces. This is why adaptation of the hangar to the specific requirements of the customer almost becomes an obligation. With Kopron fabric buildings unlimited heights and depths can be created.

Successful companies that choose Kopron

Three recent examples of success are provided below. To satisfy the requirements of Fincantieri, Kopron has created 1,800 sq.m. of mobile hangars in just 9 days of production and with only 15 days for installation and testing. Several fabric covers have been created for the port of La Spezia together with the design of infinite lengths and 15 metres in height reached.

The San Lorenzo plant that has just recently been completed, has undergone restyling with an existing Kopron fabric building. The building already located in the production plant was in PVC and the covering layer has been changed, therefore making it easily convertible into a useful working area.

It has been covered with sandwich panels with accessories suitable for the underlying operations. Some special finishes have been included that are necessary for the destination of use, therefore completing the work: intumescent paint all over the structure, smoke detectors above the roof, emergency exits and hatches to create light. In this case the building has achieved important dimensions, 10 metres in height, 60 metres deep and 20 metres wide, the dimensions necessary to work on large vessels.

Engineer Enrico Brambilla manager of structural calculations for Kopron, states:

“Why should you expand your activities with the flexibility of steel structures? The safety of a made-to-measure product calculated for the specific area of installation is the choice recommended in a field such as sailing. Structures are often installed in windy areas or the premises normally protect the products and expensive processes. This is why the reliability of a guaranteed product, such as Kopron, is the recommended choice.”

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