Fresh beer with Kopron industrial doors

Published on 4 September 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023
MAIN2porte rapide in pvc per birreria

Beer stored in a protected and fresh environment for the Semedorato brewery of Caltanisetta, Sicily. Thanks to Kopron industrial doors, logistic operations have been optimised. All of the closures of this renovated production plant have been designed by the company from Milan, a leader in solutions for industrial logistics. The Kopron work team has designed and installed high speed doors and sectional doors that guarantee safe and fast closing systems to this new setting with an attractive design.

The models chosen: high speed doors and sectional doors

The five Kopron high speed doors have been designed and used to close internal sections as well as external sections of the factory. They are the very best possible closures to optimise company logistic flows, capable of improving traffic and management of time as well as the climate of the environments. The “SMART” range of high speed doors installed has been designed to create fast and safe transit assuring, at the same time, a perfect quality/price combination.

The advantage of the Replay high speed self repairing doors model: technology has an integrated anti-collision and anti-shock device, making these quick doors flexible and extremely safe. In the case of a possible impact the panels of the quick door immediately return to their side guides. In the subsequent closing cycle, the panel automatically returns into the guides, restoring correct operation.

For this new expansion of the Semedorato plant, Kopron has designed, produced and installed modern sectional doors integrated into the structure. They open vertically by sliding upwards and are placed parallel to the roof of the plant, with the objective of optimising other spaces. Unlike the tilting doors, the Kopron sectional doors offer approximately 15 cm extra in width for passage. The sectional doors produced by Kopron are approved and certified according to high safety requirements according to the European norm 13241-1.

The panels chosen provide a prestigious wood effect. The surface is covered with a synthetic material that is resistant to UV rays.

All of the models of industrial doors are carefully designed and produced in the Kopron Technological Centre dedicated to closing systems, located in Bari. Development is strictly made-to-measure for every plant, therefore guaranteeing personalised doors for specific

requirements. The Kopron sectional doors satisfy all functional and safety requirements imposed by European Regulations and by the ENC – European Normalisation Committee.

The Semedorato brewery

The brewery produces approximately 50 thousand hectolitres of beer every year that is sold in Italy and also in Holland, France, Germany and Costa Rica. The company currently covers a covered area of approximately 1,000 sq. m., 400 sq. m. of which are used for the production plant and the remaining 600 sq. m. are used for offices.

The owner, Franco Indorato decided to assign this project to Kopron, confirming his total satisfaction.

“Right from the beginning the development phase totally convinced me, from the idea through to identification of a product that was made-to-measure according to my requirements. Punctuality and precision of the installation made this job extremely satisfying.” 

The dealer Luca Peluso, manager of Logik covering the territory, was the real feather in the cap. He and his team worked for the Customer in an attempt to satisfy every possible requirement.

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