Kopron loading bays for the new GLS Italy hub in Florence

Published on 27 July 2023
Modified on 27 July 2023

Kopron for the new GLS Italy Florence sorting centre: maximum customization, sustainability, safety, and style. The Hub is equipped with 51 loading bays for trucks and a dock for 7 vans.

Integrated into the new facade of the GLS Italy logistics building, we find Kopron loading bays. The Tooarch Architecture Studio, who designed and built the new logistics hub, chose Kopron technologies.

The logistics complex built for the new GLS headquarters in Campi Bisenzio (FI) was built by the Tooarch studio according to the GLS Italy guidelines, completely customized for the end customer. The building is spread over an area of about 22,000 square meters, thanks to its typological characteristics and the latest-generation automated parcel sorting system, it manages over 100,000 shipments a day through 150 line vehicles and its 51 bays for trucks as well as a dock for 7 vans. The new logistics hub together with the new GLS headquarters, currently under construction in Campi Bisenzio, are the reference point of contemporary GLS logistics serving Central Italy.

Kopron’s doors and loading and unloading systems comply with the parameters of maximum customisation, sustainability, safety, and style. The anthracite grey sealants in the standard version, robust and solid, cover the loads and attenuate the impact of the vehicles entering. The sectional doors, white with aluminium lifting handle and rectangular porthole allow fast and thermally controlled access. Kopron’s sectional doors are equipped with an electric shaft motor. This model is the ideal solution in tents with high ceilings. The double-walled steel panels (42 mm thick) that make up the doors are filled with polyurethane foam and offer excellent thermal insulation. The hinged flap loading ramps help adjust the height of the truck loading bay and get loads and unloads flowing quickly and safely.

The company M.E. spa, promoter of the project, and architects Padolecchia and Spolaore of the Tooarch studio chose to work with Kopron by integrating the products into the initial project.

‘The highly recognizable design of Kopron’s loading bays that can be integrated into any façade, the customized, high-quality solutions that comply with safety regulations, help improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations.’

The success of the project for the new GLS Italy headquarters has strengthened the collaboration between Kopron and the Tooarch architecture studio.


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