Customized, innovative canopies covering the water treatment plant at Tortona near Alessandria- Italy

Published on 22 April 2016
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Fourteen new canopies have lately been manufactured to cover the water treatment plant located at Tortona, the name of the Company is Lardurner Ambiente Spa, one of the main international environmental realities operating on the territory.

Kopron cooperated with Coesi, an important Italian company within the private and public building sector to study a tailored solution including all the activities necessary to carry out the project of the canopies.

Coesi relied on Kopron for  design, manufacturing and installation of the 14 canopies for covering the plant,  where wastewater is treated and purified before being poured into a local water body (sea, river, lake or in particular cases directly on ground) without affecting the ecosystem.

The canopies spread over an area of 4,000 m2,  the carrying body is in galvanized steel sheet and have a green PVC cover. The fabric is 100% double layer polyester coated, sun proof, mold resistant and inside/outside surfaces have an anti dust lacquer finish. The fabric is made according to ISO 9001 quality standards, Class II fireproof, it resists to temperatures from -25°C to + 70°C.

The challenge in installing these structures was to lay the canopies against walls of different heights, but the flexibility of the steel and the experience of the installers allowed to do a good job.

Mr Giovanni Laino, the area sales agent, who closely followed customer’s requirements, said: “Customer, is fully satisfied of the job done, we have designed the canopies one different from the other in order to suit them into the context, and to allow a correct use according to customer’s need. The time schedule perfectly kept, the professional approach and the guarantee of quality have been the three winning parameters”.   

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