Champions League finals 2016 – Kopron designed and implemented the setup of the press room on this grand occasion

Published on 27 May 2016
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Milan has become the centre of European soccer:  finals of  Champions League  between Real Madrid – Atlético Madrid took place at the San Siro stadium. For this so long- awaited event, Kopron designed and installed a press room, tailored to meet both San Siro Stadium and UEFA requirements. Kopron’s temporary tent hosted medias for press release and live streaming.

Kopron have a long and consolidated experience in exhibitions and in international events, and are able alone to follow step by step all the aspects of a successful project from the choice of the ideal hosting structure to internal setup.

The press room was prepared under a 450 m² double-sloped tent, installed on a wooden platform covered with a CE marked black carpet. Aluminium guides were used to strengthen the platform which was placed upon a steel frame with a capacity of 600kg/per m²  equally distributed on the surface.  A perfect project for hosting many people.

Inside the structure, wall perimeter was padded with a cotton fabric for acoustic insulation. There was also air-conditioning. The internal setup consisted in platforms for speakers, photographers and TV cameras off the ground to avoid vibration,  4 cabins for simultaneous interpreters with a direction area hosting 240 authorized medias, lighting  and audio systems, tables and chairs with desk arms. Furthermore, the extra-modern technology employed guaranteed a perfect audio/video signal to all the 60 TV cameras coming from all parts of the world.

The technical/logistics dept. at San Siro Stadium, chose Kopron for the turnkey project they offered, for their reliability and availability to be constantly present during such an event.

Kopron Events” a division especially dedicated to events, represents  another important goal for Kopron.

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