Mercedes Benz in Sao Paulo shows a ‘new face’ thanks to industrial steel buildings made by Kopron

Published on 3 August 2017
Modified on 28 March 2023
capannoni prefabbricati kopron mercedes

For this Titan of the car industry, Kopron, in only 120 days, created a turnkey solution to cover an area of 4,000 m² dedicated to production

Another remarkable installation for Mercedes Benz in São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo. The industrial steel buildings stretching over the production area were possible thanks to a turnkey project worked out by Kopron. In only 120 days a new space hosting car maintenance activities was created. Design and development were carried out by Kopron team in Brazil. Speed and structure flexibility are Kopron’s strong point.

Let’s take a look at the new Mercedes industrial steel buildings in more detail

The factory manager confirmed Kopron to be a qualified partner for the product they offer and for the capability in managing the project. Thanks to this solution the area dedicated to production was widened in short time.

The 2 prefab warehouses chosen are a standard type, but personalized with specific accessories meeting customer’s requirements. They are 25 x 81 x 5 mt each, fixed side-by-side. The carrying structure of the Kopron industrial steel building is in hot-dipped galvanized steel, the fabric covering the top is in PVC, while the perimeter is padded with sandwich panels. This mixture of elements is a customer requirement and conform to standards and regulations for constructions dedicated to production.

Structure is in compliance with local construction standards ABNT NBR 6323. The PVC fabric is robust, self-extinguishing, anti UVA and UVB and weather resistant. Sandwich panels give stability to the structure and keep temperatures.

Prefab warehouse buildings by Kopron: a compromise between performance and design

Industrial design is according to the corporate identity created for Kopron products in Brazil. The top is anthracite, and sandwich panels are light grey. Great care has been given to aesthetics, Kopron are always very keen to display the ‘Made in Italy’ quality and design. This produced a successful turnkey, integrated project. Accessories are totally personalized: 4 sectional doors, 8 pedestrian doors, flashings and gutters, forced ventilation system, vision panels, fast opening doors, roof for protection next to the warehouse, car washing area with sandwich panel walls, lighting system and floor with ground markings.

“I wish to emphasize the effort, the professional attitude and flexibility shown by Kopron during implementation of this turnkey project for warehouses”, was the comment of Mr. Isonel Pereira, Factory Manager at Mercedes Benz Brazil” “No doubt, our previous positive experience determined our choice towards Kopron. This latest achievement has further strengthened our partnership”.

Kopron thinks green: recyclable materials and environment-friendliness

Kopron industrial steel buildings are environmentally friendly structures, the materials used can be recycled. In this particular case the PVC fabric was taken from another structure and readjusted for the new application. Being so easy to dismantle and reinstall from one spot to another, these types of warehouses can be considered a strategic asset for all enterprises. The highly recyclable material used can be either recovered or sold with advantages for both entrepreneurs and environment. This is why Mercedes Benz chose Kopron.

Mercedes Benz has been present on the Brazilian territory since 1956, and has become the biggest production pole outside Germany. The plant is not far from São Paulo, and produces tractors, buses and most of the components for cars.

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