A new railway station has been opened in Sidi bel Abbes in Algeria with made-to-measure industrial folding doors by Kopron

Published on 27 July 2017
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Functionality and made in Italy design for Yapi Merkezi, the important railway construction company

Sidi Bel Abbes is a town in North West Algeria, the county town of the province of the same name, on the banks of the Mékerra river.

Yapi Merkezi, an important Algerian construction company, has assigned Kopron with the logistic management of access points to the new local railway station. The Kopron supply included about fifteen made-to-measure industrial folding doors: fitted with a central whole for the passage of airlines. Several sliding doors were also fitted as completion of the supply. The opening took place on Tuesday 25th July in the presence of the highest local authorities and Kopron.

The Customer, fully satisfied with the collaboration, celebrated the start of station life by praising the suppliers also. Kopron can be seen there with its well built folding doors, made-to-measure according to the specific customer requirements. These industrial doors are perfect for warehouses and storage areas as they reach very high dimensions and can be easily opened. Apart from functionality, another important objective has also been achieved: architectural embellishment of the facades. The Kopron glass folding doors are the ideal solution when greater penetration of natural light is required together with aesthetic improvement and a high level of visual contact in order to guarantee safety. They offer maximum flexibility and an infinite choice of personalised solutions.

“The important Algerian construction company always uses our services to build made-to-measure and design doors. This new project is tangible confirmation of having satisfied, once again, a demanding Customer in the specialised field of tram deposits.”

Franco Lombardi, Export Manager of Kopron.

The glass folding doors in detail of the installations

Motorised two industrial folding doors with glass panels have been used for the new railway station. The structure includes vertical and horizontal EPDM anti-aging gaskets in order to guarantee the highest possible level of protection against squashing, at the same time providing a very high level of resistance to air and water.

The industrial folding doors supplied do not have a guide fitted to the ground and are motorised with automatic opening. The dimensions achieved for each closure are: 4745 x 6800 mm. The supporting frames made from RAL 9016 painted steel have a whole in the middle at the top for the passage of electric cables of the tram coaches. The blue glass panels have a pre-chamber that reach a total thickness of 26mm. In order to complete the supply, four sliding doors have also been provided without a guide fitted to the ground, dimensions 6064 x 4603 mm. Motorised by a pulling action with an upper chain, fitted with a pedestrian door for entrance and a porthole to allow high visibility and safety.

Technology and design meet the specific customer demands

Through an important Technological and Production Centre dedicated to the closures section, Kopron has in just a few years expanded its range of doors and main doors in a complete and modern manner. The product tests carried out in the production plants guarantee observance of safe, fast and silent movement, all in accordance with European norms.

Personalisation, design and technologyare the three elements that characterise the Kopron industrial closing systems, suitable for internal and external environments.

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