Festa Logistics relies on Kopron for efficient loading bays

Published on 18 September 2017
Modified on 28 March 2023

Loading bays, Sectional doors, Pedestrian doors produced by Kopron to improve the logistics of a multinational leader in goods transportation.

Baie di carico Kopron nord Italia

Kopron amaze once again with one of their cutting-edge installations.
Recently, Kopron have cooperated with Festa Trasporti & Logistica S.r.l., leaders in the field of transporting goods by road. The Company, founded in 1988 is located in Montichiari near Brescia, in a strategic area in the North of Italy. They decided to install several Kopron products such as: 18 loading bays7 motorized opening sectional doors with half-vertical opening; 1 sliding fire door REI 120 and 16 pedestrian doors with bottom sweeps.

Kopron Loading bays: elements of the installation

Focusing on the 18 loading bays, we start off by saying that usually, this system consists of three basic elements:

  • Dock leveler, to level the difference in height and distance between the vehicle and warehouse floor. The dock leveller supplied in this case is an electro-hydraulic type with a swinging lip – model KRA-I – with a self-carrying frame.
  • Sectional door, which allows the sliding of the dock shelter. In this specific case Customer chose model KPSIV with manual vertical opening. Loading bays have been equipped with cable casing and control panel to operate the doors.
  • Dock shelter, covers the vehicle when the dock leveller lands on it. It is made of a robust self-carrying frame, and designed to absorb bumps during manoeuvres. Festa Logistics chose basic model KDRS.

Kopron also installed other 7 access sectional doors, model KPSIS, with half-vertical opening and airplane style vision panel, they are bigger than the ones usually installed on loading bays. The sliding door is a firedoor. The 16 pedestrian doors have panic bars, bottom sweepers, and are grey RAL 7035, with a water-based, semilucid, texture coating.

Let’s hear from the Kopron’s Product Manager

Mr Paolo Calvi, Kopron’s Mgr in the sector, was proud to say that

“Kopron loading/unloading systems guarantee temperature stability, particularly necessary when you operation in the cold chain, they are safe, durable and very quick to install.”

Festa Trasporti & Logistica S.r.l. can now count on these cutting-edge Kopron products to improve all logistics processes, for a more effective performance.

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