“UnderWearWeek Show: Fashion for all to see”. The best underwear on display under a Kopron Made igloo.

Published on 2 June 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Military base XXIV Maggio at Via Vincenzo Monti in Milano has open the doors to the UnderWearWeek Show with the first geodetic structures ever installed by Kopron.

UnderWearWeek Main

Kopron made for the occasion a huge Igloo in transparent PVC, 15mt tall, covering a total surface of 720 m2.  It was quite visible in the courtyard of the eighteenth century building, and hosted over 400 guests which attended the fashion show of underwear signed by Vernice Lucida a young and talented stylist. Under a  smaller igloo installed nearby a light dinner was offered, this gave time to organizers to change set up inside the big one to prepare final part of the event.

These two structures designed and installed by Kopron have a geodetic shape with two perfect half spheres. The igloos are covered with an alternation of silver color PVC and Crystal stripes which guarantee safe covering and transparency; harmonizing with the concept of the underwear displayed.

Kopron is the first Italian company who produced a geodetic structure of such dimensions dedicated to events. The 30 meters dome installed by Kopron covers the same surface of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, the second biggest cathedral in United Kingdom.

Thirty models of agency Major Model Management, during the first part of the evening, in three different moments, walked the catwalk in sexy and bold underwear, in gold, silver and black colors, magnetizing audience attention.

Prince Maurice, singer and performer had the honor to open and close the event. He offered magic moments when he sang Edith Piaf’s  timeless successes like “La vie en rose” e “Je ne regret rien”.

Mid-evening great suspense was offered by two incredible air acrobats performing their exercises, after which House/Progressive music performed by Dj Kamy Aksel and Astrid Kurtain filled in the atmosphere.

Without any doubt the “Underwearweek show: Fashion for all to see” was a great success also thanks to the precious contribution of sponsors like:  Kopron, Assem, Nikon, Major Model Management, Class Moda Tv, and Radio Montecarlo.

This format has all necessary ingredients to start off next September, during the Fashion week in Milan, with the first edition of UNDERWEARWEEK MILANO® (UWW).

This project was created 4 years ago by Bruno di Ruggiero of fashion agency Glamourvogue.  UWW started in 2012 when first Underwearweek calendar was issued, by Neapolitan photographer  Sergio Goglia.  Exclusive shots, simple decorations with  natural elements such as stones, sand, coffee beans, fruit, etc, instead of classical underwear. Real works of art, many of which were part of the scenography of the  show.

UNDERWEARWEEK MILANO® (UWW) therefore, is an utmost important event totally dedicated to the underwear world. It usually lasts a week and hosts several events like fashion show, catwalk shows, b2b events and parties: art, culture, cinema, design, food and wine events become one with fashion and style.

In other words UNDERWEARWEEK MILANO® (UWW) is the ideal event for fashion operators, stylists and designers all around the world.  It is a chance for those who love and appreciate the underwear world to meet and face one another sharing expertise and products .

“Underwearweek show: Fashion for all to see” has been organized and promoted by UNDERWEARWEEK Milan ,with the collaboration of GRUPPO EVENTI . Partners: ASSEM (fashion agency association), MAJOR MODEL, CLASS TV MODA, RADIOMONTECARLO e NIKON.


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