Kopron designs a retractable warehouse for Philip Morris: an important aid for completing their new building in Italy

Published on 29 May 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

This new industrial pole, inaugurated by our Prime Minister, represents a precious economic resource for local territory.


Kopron has recently cooperated with Philip Morris Italy by producing a retractable warehouse plus a complete loading/unloading system with a ‘snail shape’ dock shelter ‘Fast Roll’ door,  to enable to carry out all necessary activities to complete the new buildings rising near Bologna. The buildings are two, one is already functioning the other is under construction with Kopron’s aid.

Kopron technicians supplied a design especially studied out for  Philip Morris according to their specific requirements: the yellow PVC fabric of the warehouse was especially made to harmonize with the other buildings next to it.

Kopron warehouses, the core business of the company, have an earthquake resistant carrying body made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, with a robust, Class 2 self-extinguishing, double layer PVC covering; theadvantage of this kind of structure is the great space it creates for storage of goods.

The loading/unloading system has a ‘snail shape’ dock shelter which is ideal in case of narrow spaces between warehouse and truck parking spot and therefore trucks cannot be loaded perpendiculary. The dock shelter turns to 90°. The Fast Roll has a aluminum body with an anti-tear PVC surface. The wrapping/unwrapping technology and speed guarantee an excellent performance for frequent operations during the day.

This 50 m2 warehouse protects materials which are being used to complete construction of the new building. Trucks can operate in total safety from weather, loading and unloading goods directly inside the warehouse, which being retractable enables the use of the goods stored at the bottom with above part open.

Francesco Grasso, local sales agent, took care of negotiations and said: “it has been a pleasure to take part in such an important project; our team of installers, extremely skilled and experienced carried out the work in short time, in order to allow customer to immediately start logistic operations.”

Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, was present at the inauguration to emphasize the great economical importance this concern will have on local territory.  Philip Morris will offer 600 new jobs. Renzi said:  ‘the fact that such a leading company has invested in innovation is a great message. Notwithstanding having reached the top they continue investing in new projects, what an example and encouragement for all the local producers’.

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