CrossFit passion: a Kopron solution for the first temporary gym at Sassuolo (MO)

Published on 5 June 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron, leaders in industrial and sports logistics, have entered the cutting edge sports world, and have created the first CrossFit gym within Sassuolo’s Sports center.

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Kopron, have always been involved in sport either for sponsoring or for producing gyms; recently they have created the first temporary gym  for CrossFit at Sassuolo, a town near Modena. The project is the result of six guys who have put together ideas and forces to create a proper space to practice this sport in their own town.

CrossFit creator Greg Glassman, has promoted this discipline as a physical exercise philosophy and also as a competitive fitness sport.

Kopron, supplied a 550 m2  independent fixed warehouse, 4mt tall. This was the only alternative to a masonry gym which would have implied complex bureaucratic procedures.

Francesco Grasso, the sales agent who carried out negotiations said: “Customer knew how practical these structures are, and how quick they can be assembly without having to produce papers.” Time factor was fundamental, customer wanted to beat competitors being the first to have a CrossFit gym at Sassuolo.

The carrying structure, is in a hot-galvanized steel, and has a robust, self-extinguishing, Class 2 double-layer PVC covering. No maintenance is required. The fabric has also been personalized with 38 vision panels in transparent PVC (19 for side), in order to guarantee natural light filtering and energy saving. Besides customer chose the colours: green and black stripes recalling the logo of the gym applied on the outside of the structure on the right (these are the same colours of local football team).

Due to the critical zone which in recent years has suffered earthquakes, the anti-seismic characteristicsof the structure is of absolute importance: the steel structure is highly resistant.

This gym is an excellent example of the versatility of Kopron structures, which can comply with any sports need, hosting sports equipment of all kinds even of latest generation like in this specific case.

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