A fabric structure for a new Hungarian Kopron retailer

Published on 24 January 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023
capannone in acciaio deposito sale ungheria

The Kopron’s new authorized retailer in Hungary installed a steel warehouse for an important local customer. The warehouse will be used for salt storage.

Kopron’s target is to enlarge the commercial network around the world to easily meet customers’ requirements for logistics products. Company’s attention is always focused on Customers and on their specific needs, guaranteeing quality, design, integrated planning and turnkey solutions.

For this reason, Kopron has recently taken on board a new retailer to cover the Hungarian market, proposing fabric structures for storage purposes or hosting workshops for material processing.

In only 4 days, Kopron’s team installed a self-standing PVC warehouse, proving the high level of quality and support for which this Italian/Milanese firm is renowned.

Technical characteristics and material quality

The warehouse installed stretches over an area of 400 sqm and has the following size: 20 m long, 20 m wide and 4,5 m tall.

The covering fabric is in self-extinguishing, Class II PVC, weighing 900 g/m2. The colours chosen are Kopron’s leading colours: light grey for sides, roof and curtains, anthracite for bands and front flaps.

The PVC fabric offers high resistance to weather conditions, and guarantees long life to the warehouse beyond expectations.

Curtains allow easy transit of vehicles.

 Curtains maximise logistics flows during normal storage operations.

Customer was very satisfied: undoubtedly a good start!

Logistics solutions and Customers’ satisfaction, have always been fundamental aspects for Kopron. Since 1982 they have been committed to improve year after year logistics solutions for all types of enterprises.

Their interest towards foreign markets started over 10 years ago. Today they have sister companies in FranceChina and Brazil, which are constantly growing thanks to development campaigns and full support from headquarters. The Company also relies on a wide sales network in many other countries.

This represents the first of a long series of installations which will take place in Hungary. There are other projects on the go for this new authorized retailer.

Kopron shall be proud to tell you all about it very soon.

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