The Kopron geodesic dome at Pitti Uomo Florence for the 50th Moon Boot

Published on 10 January 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023
cupola geodetica kopron evento pitti uomo

On the occasion of the Pitti Uomo 95 event that takes place right now in Florence, the well-known footwear company Moon Boot chooses a K-Igloo geodesic dome by Kopron.

The dome, present during the exhibition period, immerses visitors in the world of THE PITTI BOX, a tribute to the exhibition areas of Pitti. “Big Boxes” that act as containers of ideas and novelties, where to surprise and innovate.

The Pitti Uomo path creates, in fact, involvement for buyers and professionals in a series of experiences through the different boxes.

One of these for the 50th anniversary of Moon Boot with an exhibition at the ‘Stazione Leopolda’. The famous brand’s snow boots under an Igloo box. The correlation between heat and safety. Concepts that marry perfectly!

Moon Boot shoes under a Kopron geodesic dome

The products of the well-known commercial brand through an immersive experience for the visitor inside a Kopron geodesic dome, created ad hoc for the occasion.

The geodesic domes are structures consist of a series of metal arches called “geodesic”, assembled with very light tubes, galvanized steel or powder coated. A series of structural joints join and fix the arches, also allowing the attachment of light systems and audio-video equipment.

For the occasion, Kopron have created a dome with a diameter of 6 meters. Covered with a silver tarpaulin, in self-extinguishing, Class II PVC and then decorated with the Moon Boot visual identity. An opening room has been prepared to allow visitors to enter through a personalized portal.

Minimal but functional design, the interior design has hosted the footwear of the brand accompanied by comfortable seating and a screen to show new trends 2019.

For those who do not know it!

Pitti Immagine Uomo, 95th edition, is the global reference event for menswear and contemporary lifestyle. Beyond the Italian one, many foreign markets involved: from France to Japan, from the United States to Russia and many others. Tailor-made installations and projects combine fashion, art and design. Pitti Uomo is the event of the year for men’s fashion, showing a preview of the collections dedicated to the coming winter.

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