Two huge temporary warehouses for the production of wind turbine blades: Kopron do Brasil and Weg together for the renewable Energy world.

Published on 23 July 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron made two warehouses covering a total surface of 6.300 m2, where WEG may manufacture wind turbine blades for the renewable Energy Industry in Brazil. These structures can then be dismantled and used for other applications.

Weg Brasile main

Kopron do Brasil have established an important cooperative relationship with multinational company Weg, for which they have designed and produced two huge temporary warehouses for the production of wind turbine blades. The whole project is part of the Povo Novo/RS Wind Turbine Farm of the State of  Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil.

Kopron, have already created temporary structures for the Energy industry in the past, and was pleased to accept the challenge for the Brazilian Multinational. Kopron do Brasil General Manager Giacomo Niccolai said: “ Quality, multi-year experience and speediness in installation and the possibility to easily disassemble and reassemble the structures elsewhere, have been the main reasons why Customer chose Kopron”.

The creation of renewable energy has become Weg’s mission who are wind turbine market leaders. The biggest of the two warehouses installed, is 5,400 m2 and 10 m tall and hosts the manufacturing of towers and rotating blades.  The smallest of 900 m2 and 5 m tall, is used as a depot.

The structure in hot-dipped galvanized steel and the PVC fabric covering are the strong points of Kopron’s certified production. The assembly of the structures took only four weeks enabling customer not to waste any precious time and start producing immediately; once the Wind turbine Farm is completed, thanks to the flexibility of these structures, Weg will have the possibility to dismantle and easily reassemble them in other locations.

These kind of structures are cost-saving due to the fact that paperwork needed is very little, no maintenance is required and the assembly, as already mentioned is very quick, being carried out by expert installers.

Mr Felipe Fernandes Bonelli, coordinator of the installation in Weg espressed satifaction towards the technical staff of Kopron do Brasil, who was able to ‘develop big size structures which perfectly meet both Weg’s and the energy industry requirements”.

Weg is one of the greatest producers of electric devices in the world. Their experience and know-how in electric solutions for a multitude of applications has brought them to develop and produce products for the wind power industry.

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