Hyundai Korea create a new storage area with a warehouse made by Kopron

Published on 15 July 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron China, our important production and commercial pole located in Wuxi, lately consolidated business relationships with the automotive giant Hyundai Korea, by installing a huge warehouse in steel to widen the area dedicated to storage.

Hyundai chose Kopron for three main reasons: quality of the structure, the possibility to move or modify it easily in short time, and the fact that Kopron Wuxi is near their premises in case of support or any intervention.

The warehouse is 40mt long- 20m wide and 6m tall, it consists of a carrying structure in hot-dipped galvanized steel with a PVC covering. It spreads over an area of  800 ㎡. Kopron warehouses are ideal to cover areas next to workshops which otherwise would not be exploited. They are versatile and made in modules and cover any space required in little time.

The steel structure was produced directly at Kopron China. Production time and installation were perfectly according to customer’s request, in a month they had their new storage area.

Mr Paolo Mercuri, Kopron China’s General Manager, espressed satisfaction for the team operating in China and said: “It’s a great team thanks to which we are achieving important results in the Asian market”.

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