Ting Hsin International Group has chosen Kopron China products

Published on 19 June 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron China has had the chance to work with one of the greatest food processing industries in the world, producing loading/unloading systems at Guangzhou premises

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Kopron China, which in recent years have consolidated their presence in China and Far East, have lately cooperated with Dingshi Storage, an important brand within the Ting Hsin International Group, producing eleven loading/unloading systems which were necessary to handled the heavy material flow at theGuangzhou premises.These systems installed for Dingshi Storage, consist of  sectional doors, dock shelters with adjustable cushions. The ramps are electro-hydraulic with a hinged lip, fixed with hinges with a width of  20mm, and allow operations from any type of vehicle and not only from special transporting trucks.

The sectional doors combined with dock shelters guarantee the best thermal-acoustic insulation. Being a food processing industry insulation is of utmost importance to preserve perishable products The dock shelters allow the temperature to keep ideal inside the warehouse. The above cushion of the dock shelter is adjustable and adheres perfectly to the vehicles. The filling of the cushions is of closed cell structure polyurethane wrapped in a robust fabric in polyester.

With a turnover of about 1,5 billion dollars and 24,000 employees around the world, the  Ting Hsin International Group, represents one of the most important food realities of the planet. Paolo Mercuri, Kopron China General manager said: “Here in China we are proud to have the chance to cooperated with such important and well-known firms. In the past years we have done a great job to reach the highest levels in terms of quality and to meet any kind of requirement regarding logistics’’.

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