K-Padel, the new concept of paddle tennis courts created by Kopron.

Published on 6 July 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron have entered the Paddle tennis world with a new, cutting edge project. Golf Club at Borgo di Camuzzago, near Monza has chosen K-Padel for it’s prestigious sports center.

campo da gioco kopron sport

Kopron, a strong and consolidated Milanese reality within the logistic field, and always very keen on sports, have created K-PADEL, an innovative Paddle tennis court with most recent techniques. Golf club at Borgo di Camuzzago, near Monza, is a very important sports center in the area, and together with Kopron they studied out one of the first Paddle courts of this kind in Lombardy.

This prestigious Golf club is a focal point within the Milanese territory with its indoor/outdoor swimming pools, several tennis courts and a huge golf field.

Kopron production mgr Mr Diego Vergani said “Kopron propose turnkey solutions. Our team actively cooperates with customers to meet any sort of requirement’. We take care of all details regarding either the construction of the paddle court or accessories necessary for the game;  Kopron have put all their know-how acquired during the years in K-PADEL, the materials used are a guarantee of quality and durability”.

K-Padel, has several advantages both structural and aesthetic. Tapered pillars carry the structure. These pillars narrow from bottom to top, this technique allows the structure to be particularly light and fast to assemble. Paddle courts are smaller than tennis courts (200 m2 with walls 4m tall), this reduces installation time.


The colour chosen by the Golf Club for the K-Padel is green to harmonize with the grass surrounding it. Kopron propose even other colours like light blue or anthracite according to aesthetic needs of customer.

Paddle tennis is a game adapted from tennis, but this latter needs a big court with no walls. Paddle courts are smaller and bordered by walls where balls bounce off.

This sport was invented in Mexico during the 70’s, and has spread rapidly and the number of players has grown enormously. In Italy this sport has been officially acknowledged by C.O.N.I and incorporated into the Italian Tennis Federation since 2008.

Mr Felice Colombo, a leading figure within the business community in Lombardy, is enthusiastic about having chosen K-PADEL, and said: ‘fast, engaging, trendy and little space needed: this is Paddle tennis – a game you can play within the courts proposed and made by Kopron. Our sports center is proud to be on the front line in spreading this game played within excellent structures”.

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