Sectional doors for car dealerships: the Kopron K-Vision model satisfies both aesthetic and functional requirements

Published on 21 March 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023
portoni sezionali concessionarie auto sicilia

For car dealers and repair shops at Modica in Siciliy, Kopron installed several sectional doors, K-VISION model. These doors are functional and stylish thanks to a wide range of accessories which make them very nice to look at. Design and functionality are in perfect harmony.

Winning characteristics of these sectional doors of a unique design

K-Vision sectional doors, are made of transparent panels and are ideal for displaying cars. Panels are positioned horizontally with anodized silver aluminum supports, with double transparent polymethylmethacrylate vision panels, framed in an insulated, 20mm thick panel. These doors in particular have been provided with an automatic opening system.

Door size is 4.50m x 4m to allow cars to quickly and comfortably come in and out from the repair shop.

These car dealers at Modica, have elegant and cutting-edge workshops, the doors perfectly fitted in this environment.

Quality product and local support

Mr Luca Peluso is the local sales agent, and has become an important focal point for all customers living in the territory including Ragusa, Siracusa, Caltanissetta e Agrigento.

Luca Peluso says:

“We can say to have another satisfied customer. Working with products of quality like Kopron’s, and guaranteeing local support is a winning combination”

Kopron, thanks to an especially dedicated development and production pole for doors, have in few years been able to widen and complete their range of products. Prototypes tested in the factory, have proven to be safe, fast, silent and in conformance with European Standards. Customization, design and technology are the three assets of Kopron’s doors, which are ideal to suit any environment either inside or outside the building.

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