Kopron, 10 years of success in Brazil

Published on 29 March 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023
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The company’s expansion strategy continues to ride the wave of success. Kopron, a multinational leading company in the industrial logistics sector, blows out its 10th candles in the Brazilian market. With a strong global presence, Kopron started its production in Brazil about 10 years ago, bringing a wide variety of products and solutions to the country: metal buildings and fabric structuresloading bays and industrial doors redesigned respecting the needs demanded by the market.

The Kopron’s mission, in the ambitious project of global expansion, was built considering a wide portfolio of high quality products. In a short time, the company has gained the trust of more than 2,000 Latin American Customers. Kopron always considers the specificity of each project, acting efficiently and professionally.


The variety of logistics solutions in compliance with international standards


The main advantage of Kopron do Brasil, compared to its local competitors, is represented by the great variety of logistic solutions.

Basilio Mandara, General Manager Kopron do Brasil, says:

“I am very proud to be head of Kopron do Brasil for its tenth anniversary. Quality has always been one of the competitive advantages for this company. The Brazilian market responded positively, seeing in Kopron a supplier of integrated and reliable solutions. In fact, Kopron products are designed in total compliance with international standards. The trust shown to us by Customers like Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Siemens, Walmart, Pepsico is cause for satisfaction for persistent dedication and care in our products.”

The Loading bays division made up of dock levelersdock shelterssectional doors, as well as the high speed doors belonging to the Industrial doors division guarantee safety and efficiency during the operations of loading and unloading goods and their flow.


In addition to these logistic solutions, Kopron do Brasil has in its product range Fabric structures and Metal buildings. “Tropicalized” products, rethought to adapt to South American climate conditions. Covers ideal both for production and for the storage of goods of the various local industrial activities.


100% customized projects according to the Customers’ needs


In recent years, Kopron do Brasil offers “turnkey solutions” to fully meet the needs of its Customers. With a strong investment in Engineering & Construction, Kopron is able to control the entire construction process. A complete and personalized service that goes from the consulting, design, construction, installation up to after-sales assistance.


Thanks to the professional support of a Sales Network present throughout the country, in 10 years Kopron has always served its customers efficiently and professionally.


An organization constantly growing and evolving


With 10 years of experience in Brazil and over 35 in the world, Kopron is the winning partner for any activity in the industrial logistics sector. Competent and reliable, thanks to a team of 60 experts in the field, Kopron offers to its Brazilian Customers solutions able to optimize the flow of operations.


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