14th Kopron Sales Meeting. Turnover boost: 2017 sales volumes have increased by 21%

Published on 27 February 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023

During the Kopron Sales Kickoff Meeting held at Headquarters in Gorgonzola, Mr Mario Vergani, Kopron’s CEO & Sales Manager, revealed the numbers of a very satisfying 2017, proving that market is recovering. Turnover increased by 21%.

meeting commerciale presentazione risultati ceo

Kopron sales network, the driving force behind the Company


The 14th Kopron meeting opened with a demonstration of the market choices undertaken to meet the increasing demand of fabric structuresloading bays and industrial doors, which prove that market has restarted.

The winning strategy of the management was the strong aim to increase product qualitydurability and safeness.

As Mr Mario Vergani, CEO & Sales Director Kopron, explained:


“During 2017 all our business units have increased their market share, meeting customers’ expectations. A positive sign, which means that the Logistics sector in recovering well. As regards the Loading bays division, Kopron were awarded important contracts, and installed loading bays in many prestigious logistics centers. Requests for Fabric structures in 2017 were mainly due to the need of companies to enhance production and widen their facilities with flexible and safe solutions. Also the Industrial doors division benefitted from this process of renewal.”

With over 50 agents, Kopron’s sales network covers the whole Italian market, which is the real driving force behind these important results. Such a strategic asset has always been fundamental for the company’s success.

“It’s time to move on”, was the motto of this 14th sales meeting


Kopron is constantly on the go and is evolving rapidly. Therefore the sales division, not only has to master communication techniques, and acquire a sound knowledge of the product, but also become faster in answering promptly to specific requests of customers.

Mr Mario Vergani,said:


“The sales division must respond to Customers’ needs, by giving prompt support and information, this is what makes the difference and provides added value to the service we offer. Nowadays, Customers constantly receive information and are connected to the network through B2B Decision Making processes which are becoming more and more punctual and demanding.”

Kopron continues with successful market expansion strategies. Kopron Brazilian team with General Manager Basilio Mandara and his staff attended the meeting on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Brazilian premises. Kopron do Brasil consists of a group of 60 experts in the sector and is growing every year.

What’s next for Kopron?


The meeting ended with an outline of strategies and goals for the current year. The main objective remains customer satisfaction, offering high quality products tailored to specific requirements. Pursuing this strategy has enabled Kopron in the past 35 years to become a leader in its own field.


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