Prefabricated steel buildings to enlarge facilities at Meter SpA

Published on 19 January 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Meter SpA, one of Kopron’s long standing customers, has chosen Kopron once again to install prefabricated steel buildings to enlarge production and office areas.

Meter and Kopron have both an international spirit with Italian roots. Kopron totally met customer’s requirements.  Meter is a family-run company which designs and produces roller and ball bearings, the requirement they had was to enlarge both the office area and production area.

Kopron offers not only PVC fabric structures, but in their range of products you may also find structures padded with sandwich panels – an excellent alternative to classical masonry warehouses generally more expensive and with long construction schedules.

Kopron solutions are ideal because they are quick to install and safe.

Four prefabricated steel buildings in 60 days

In only 60 days it was possible to assemble four prefab steel buildings, covering a surface of over 1,000 square meters. Two warehouses have the following size: 10 m x 25 m x 4,5m tall; the other two: 14 m x 24 mt x 8 m tall. The first two cover the production area, the other the storage and office areas. The carrying bodies are in hot-dipped galvanized steel.

From outside you may notice how light and modern the structures are thanks to the material used and to the squared shape. Two warehouses are padded with white insulating embossed sandwich panels, 80mm thick. The other two with sandwich panels, 40mm thick. All around you may find Vasistas-type windows with double glazed glass, or three layer glass. The openings are situated in high postion and electrically controlled to enable ventilation even from below. Chimneys have been installed on the roof for smoke escape. All metal parts are in stainless steel. The warehouses are provided both with FULL-VISION sectional doors and high speed fold up doors.

Inside finishes catch the eye for the modern style and easy use: light blue resin floors, plasterboard padded walls and led lighting system.

Why choose a steel building?

Kopron prefabricated steel buildings can be easily expanded, split and removed in short time according to need. Besides, the whole warehouse can be sold to recover costs.

The following are some of the advantages of these metal buildings , as reported by customers:

  • Quick installation
  • Cost saving
  • Low insurance costs
  • Safety, long-lasting and earthquake-resistant structures
  • Ideal to cover big surfaces, occupying the least space
  • Luminous
  • Ecological
  • Thermal-acoustic insulating

During the past years, Meter Spa proprietor, has always chosen Kopron to enhance his facilities and implement sport structures for the local Rugby team – Biella Rugby. As he said:

Product quality and speed of installation have always brought us to choose Kopron, not only for industrial use but also for sports since we have a Rugby team

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