Kopron produced three big motorized warehouses for Enel “E.Montale” in La Spezia – a power station not far from Genoa

Published on 16 December 2014
Modified on 28 March 2023

Sludge and ash tanks were duly covered for safety, optimizing space.

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Kopron, well-known leaders in the logistic field mostly specializing in retractable industrial coverings, produced three important motorized warehouses necessary to cover a total area of 350 m² of tanks for sludge and ashes produced by the power station, ready for sewage or disposal.

According to a local ministerial decree these tanks had to be covered, Kopron’s intervention was therefore necessary: they made one motorized retractable warehouse of 150 m², 4 m tall, and two warehouses one fixed and the other which slides on tracks into the other leaving the below part free for about 200 m². This telescopic function enables to empty the tanks from above and cover them again once the operation is over.

The carrying structure consists in hot-dipped galvanized steel tubes connected to one another by means of scissor type bars. Sliding is on wheels in steel with watertight double ball-bearings, hosted in a Kopron patented casing, provided with windproof and anti-derailment devices.

Kopron was the only company able to bid for the tender offering a unique solution. Kopron’s Technical dpt worked out a solution especially tailored to customer’s needs.

L’Arch. Giovanna Comi, head architect, said:

‘Creating the design for Enel required a proper valuation of the sizes – there were limits in height and an overhead crane to avoid to interfere with. Really, quite a challenge, but in the end we made it!’.

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