Canopies and fittings for exclusive events and fairs

Published on 16 November 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023
tensostrutture per eventi noleggio vendita

Thanks to experience and qualified know-how, Kopron is a sole representative capable of coordinating all of the items that result in the success of an event. A leading European production oriented organization in the field of industrial logistics. Over the years, has successfull diversified its product line, to give complete solutions to Customers. Kopron Eventsis the division dedicated to tensile structures and solutions for the market of events.

In a successful event, the management of several integrated and coordinated aspects between them are also calculated. From the choice of the ideal canopy through to settings and organisation of the event.

Why choose the Kopron quality and service

Design, construction, installation and after-sales assistance, The Kopron’ service and quality are at the top of the list. The Customer is guaranteed, upon request, a ‘turnkey‘ offer or the choice of one of the services proposed.

wide range of canopies for events are available for hire or for sale. Standard or personalised, Kopron canopies for events are ideal to cover large areas with unlimited depths or special shapes.

dedicated internal technical department, consisting of architects, designers and engineers, allows the Customer to have a product that is perfectly in line with the specific requirements and with the highest possible level of customization.

Canopies for large events and exhibitions

Kopron works within large exhibitions and fairs or theme parks, with a whole range dedicated to canopies. The Kopron canopies for events have a steel and/or aluminium structure and can be covered by a sturdy PVC fabric, polycarbonate or sandwich panels according to Customer requirements.

The modular and ease of installation can solve any temporary cover related problem for events, including wooden gazebos.



Polygonal arch
Tensostruttura ad arco poligonale

Double layer

Tensostruttura a doppia falda

Single layer

Tensostruttura monofalda


Tensostruttura abside


Canopies for exclusive events

The Kopron canopies for exclusive events are designed and developed to host weddings, ceremonies, exclusive and television events, with greater emphasis on the aesthetic and stage impact. The canopies for events are generally made from PVC curtains, with the possibility to choose among different colors to perfectly match the type of event or the location.
On special occasions, Kopron proposes transparent PVC strips, Krystal model, that guarantee coverage and protection together with the concept of transparency. It adapts perfectly to hosting stages and catwalks for television events and fashion shows.

Each niche event finds the right location inside these canopies. Functionality and appearance by counting on total graphic and stage personalization of the entire structure.



Geodesic dome

Tensostruttura geodetica


Tensostruttura pagoda

Entrance gazebo

Tensostruttura gazebo ingresso


Tensostruttura roof-top


Fittings for events

Upon demand, Kopron offers a complete service that, after coordinated design with the Customer and development, includes internal fitting in order to start the event itself.

The Kopron ‘turnkey’ includes fittings by experts in every possible detail. Nothing is left to chance. From the lighting system to air conditioning, from floors to set designs, Kopron studies the perfect solution for your event.

With consolidated experience in the field of international fairs and events, fabric and any other decorative element requested by the Customer can be applied to all of the canopies both for sale and for hire.

  • Side walls
  • Separé
  • Floors
  • Seating
  • Pedestrian doors / emergency exits
  • Stages and framework


  • Console
  • Curtains
  • Customised graphic material
  • Lighting and air conditioning
  • Lights and audio
  • Special accessories upon request


Kopron plans and organizes your event

Thanks to a team of professionals – fitters, architects and experts in communication – upon request Kopron deals with organization of the event.
Special attention is reserved to catering and the relative fittings.

The service offered also includes presenters and actors for any possible shows or television events.


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