The new strategic Hub with Kopron loading bays for Nivea, Brazil

Published on 13 December 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023

Beiersdorf invests 300 million to develop in Brazil

okbaie di carico kopron per nivea brasile

The new strategic hub of Beiersdorf has been completed with high performance loading bays and industrial doors, designed and built by Kopron Brazil. Beiersdorf is a global company of skin care products with more than 150 partners. Their international success is based on important brands such as Nivea, Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello and Hansaplast. NIVEA is the first most famous brand in the world for skin treatment, available in more than 200 countries throughout the world.

The important German multinational corporation decided to invest 300 million euro to expand its production in the emerging Brazilian market. Kopron has been chosen as a supplier of advanced products to optimise the logistic flows of the new plant.

Christian Goetz, CEO of the local market of the multinational corporation, has given interviews stating that this investment confirms the importance of the Brazilian market for the Group. The project was built in consideration of the social responsibility of Beiersdorf towards sustainability. From planning through to execution, the building was designed and built with the objective of achieving the highest possible levels of energy savings and water management efficiency.

For this project the very best Kopron logistic equipment has been used: loading bays, doors and quick opening doors.

Kopron is part of this huge project thanks to installation of the very best logistic equipment: loading bays, doors and quick opening doors.

The loading bays have been designed with the objective of optimising loading times and avoiding heat dispersion. Dock shelters have been chosen for this plant with adjustable cushions aimed at creating the correct level of sealing between the warehouse and the vehicle. During loading operations, the vehicle presses against the closed cell polyurethane padded cushions, with a rigid polyester/PVC cover, packed with special wear resistant tiles that limit damage from pressure and friction. The isothermal gateway with adjustable cushions or deck shelter is perfect when vehicles are of all different sizes. The upper buffer is mobile and therefore adapts to various heights of the vehicles. The loading bays fitted are electro-hydraulic dock-levellers with a hinged lip. Once the platform has been lifted and the lip of the ramp stops on the cargo bed of the truck, it follows the upward and downward movements of the vehicle (according to operations that the operator is carrying out: loading and unloading of goods), as well as unbalanced loading of the side of the vehicle with a torsion of up to 100mm. The areas have been closed off with the latest model of the industrial door made by Kopron, the  Fast-Wall industrial door.The ideal closing system for thermal insulation with extremely quick opening and closing. Internally, this type of door does not occupy a lot of space because unlike sectional doors it rolls up onto itself. Not only functionality but also attention to design, it can also be configured according to specific aesthetic preferences. The loading bays have been completed by including maximum safety systems to avoid accidents: visual and sound safety systems consisting of metal wedges to block the wheels of the truck, green or red traffic lights for loading and unloading operations with an alert acoustic system.

The internal departments have been divided using PVC high speed doors in various models to guarantee the highest possible level of transits and speed during everyday operations. The models chosen and installed: Replay the PVC self-repairing quick door and Fast-Roll the quick winding model. In order to guarantee visibility between the departments, transparent sections have been included in the structure.

Marcos Sabbag, the Kopron sales manager in the Brazilian market states:

“Taking part in this extremely important project for Beiersdorf in Brazil further strengthens our presence and our responsibility in terms of quality, safety and efficiency for all products in the logistic range. It is an important case history for our brand as it combines with the strength of this company that wants to grow, just like us.”

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