Kopron Living division and its sectional garage doors

Published on 19 October 2017
Modified on 28 March 2023
kopron portoni sezionali da garage

Ideal logistics solutions to ‘make the ordinary extraordinary’

Kopron Living division designed and customized a sectional garage door, belonging to the ‘Modern style’ range, with the typical ‘Made in Italy’ features, for a beautiful automated private house near Foggia.

Smart home and Kopron technology perfectly integrated into the same project

Going into detail, this “modern style” sectional garage doors proved to harmonize perfectly with high technological environments, and the beauty of the lines fully met customer’s requirements.

Kopron installed a silent system with drive motor connected directly to the house automation system which controls all the property. House automation or domotics is the technology that makes home become ‘smart’. All the systems in the house, lights, alarm and also the Kopron garage sectional door are controlled at a distance through a control unit.

Sectional garage doors open upwards and silently slide through special guides fixed on the ceiling, in order not to interfere with the space inside. They can be opened and shut either through a house automation system, or remote controller or mobile phone provided with a special app.

Technical characteristics of the Kopron sectional garage doors

This type of sectional garage door is made of smooth Safeline type panels 500mm high, 40mm thick and of smooth steel sheet, coated with a semi-rigid PVC film, with a CFC-free, expanded polyurethane filling, 40 kg/m3, to guarantee the best thermal and acoustic insulation. The colour is white RAL 9010, with brush metal finish – a pure modern design element. To protect the frame against bumps, and wear, a tough plastic skirting board, 4 cm tall, has been inserted in the lower part of the door.

Mr Enrico Bambace, Production Mgr said: ‘Sizes were tailored to customer’s need: 3mt wide, 2,5 mt tall- ‘Kopron’s main aim is to guarantee good support to private individuals, throughout all the installation phase, proposing turnkey solutions’.

Kopron love challenges: besides their core-business consisting in warehousesloading bays and industrial doors, they like to explore new markets, like in this case – the residential.

They succeded in patenting their creations, guaranteeing quality and professionalism.

These doors, besides having a patented design, are also in compliance with ‘product standard-UNI EN 13241-1 – Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates’.

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