35 innovative garage doors where design and utility combine perfectly

Published on 5 February 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

After prize “Best garage in Europe” won by parking site “Agorà Morelli” in Naples with Kopron doors, this latter has undertaken a new challenge with Garage “del Carpino” near Rome

portoni sezionali da garage morelli

Kopron, with over 30 years experience in the logistic market both industrial and civil, have designed, produced and installed thirty-five sectional doors for a big parking site (200 spots e 35 five garage boxes) at Rocca di Papa near Rome. Contractor SI.GE.A CostruzioniQuick group – No Problem Parking, had already applied previously to  Kopron, for  Garage Morelli in Naples.Ten of the thirty-five sectional doors have finned panels and twenty-five smooth panels. All doors are made of aluminum and steel and have a drive motor. Finned panels allow 70% air passage creating constant natural aeration, this in order to meet European standards regarding aeration in big covered parking areas. This type of panel, being slightly inclined, safeguards privacy. All the other doors, have asurface made of sandwich panels which thanks to the rigid foam stuffing with polyurethane CFC-free resins, guarantee excellent insulation.

These doors have a considerable visual impact, thanks to the accurate design, the care in details, the colours, yellow for some and green for others with a big number written on each door.

All doors are made at sister company Kopron Puglia in south Italy, a logistic pole specializing in the production of industrial and residential doors.

Enrico Bambace, Plant manager, said:

“Our garage doors are a combination of high quality materials, technology and design. This installation in particular proves how our technicians are able to design solutions which can meet any Customer requirement”.

Being this garage project a very particular and customized one, Mr. Davide Siniscalco, technical Mgr within Si.Ge.A Costruzioni along with Kopron technicians have studied out directly on site the best solution for Customer; Mr. Siniscalco said “Cooperating again with Kopron after the success in Naples, has brought us to great results. The live colours used and the numbers well visible on each door have given an added value to the whole project besides a contribution to territory requalification”.

A tal proposito, l’Ing. Siniscalco afferma:

“Tornare a collaborare con Kopron dopo la fruttuosa esperienza di Napoli ha portato ottimi risultati. Tutti i portoni con i loro colori vivaci e sgargianti (giallo e verde N.d.R.) e la numerazione bene in vista contribuiscono a dare valore aggiunto all’intero progetto, che interessa, oltretutto, anche un più ampio piano di riqualificazione territoriale comunale.”

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