Functionality and design made in Kopron: 300 sq. m. of extra working space and closed areas with metal shelters and the fast-wall model rolling shutters

28 April 2017

Socram, specialised in the maintenance of means for waste collection in Rome, expands its spaces with metal shelters and made-to-measure doors.

Socram sceglie Portoni e Pensiline Kopron

The work equipment for waste collection in Rome will now have covered areas for their maintenance. Socram, a company from Rome that manages the warehouse, has expanded its centre by choosing metal shelters in PVC and made-to-measure Kopron rapid doors.

Sweepers, collection vans, tamping machines, semi-trailers, dumpers, mini compacting machines and other means for waste collection have their maintenance carried out in Socram.

The Customer needed to increase his covered space and together with Kopron four metal shelters covered with a resistant PVC fabric were designed, capable of extending the working area by 300 square metres

The areas were closed by choosing from the wide range of Kopron doors. 17 fast-walls, rolling shutters, were installed. These technological doors are an excellent alternative to the classical sectional door that with its internal sliding guides often require too much space. In order to avoid this internal problem, the fast-wall model folds just like a shutter with no internal obstruction.

Not only functional products, but thanks to the design of Kopron products, a true restyling of the building has been carried out, with its reassessment from an architectural point of view. The anthracite and light grey shades provide a coordinated and unique image to the realizations under way.

In detail here are some of the Kopron metal shelters installed

The metal shelters are all connected with one another by means of a central gutter, this provides the highest possible level of air-tightness between the structures and maximum use of all possible space.

In particular, the overhanging shelters have a hot galvanised steel structure and are covered with a resistant PVC fabric, 14 metres wide, 5 metres deep and 6.5 metres high. Through a collaboration between the Kopron engineering department and the Socram designer, the shelters were proportioned, positioning them on the existing structure in a partial manner. The space created will therefore be used for maintenance and cleaning of the vehicles.

The advantages of a rapid shutter as a closing system

In order to close off the sections, the owner of the company personally chose the most suitable model of the automatic rapid door ideal their requirements in the Kopron showroom in Milan. To complete the p