Kopron produced loading-unloading systems and special sectional doors to optimize operations at an important supermarket logistic pole in Veneto – Northen Italy.

Published on 3 September 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron have contributed to improve the functionality of an important car park at CST group (road transport company) with forty loading-unloading systems and six special big size sectional doors. Every day in-and-out out logistics operations for the most important supermarket chains in Italy are guaranteed by clever solutions proposed by Kopron.

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The efficient handling of logistics operations is carried out thanks to excellent loading/unloading systems which enable customer to operate quickly, guaranteeing safety to both goods and personnel. CST group relied on Kopron expertise to organize the car park at Scorzé near Venice where big supermarket chains every day store goods to be distributed to various retail outlets.

Inside the car park there is a considerable flow of goods coming and going, from foodstuff to technical products, and customer needed a project to meet their specific needs: the forty loading/unloading systems plus the six special sectional doors reached the target.

“Energy efficiency, durability and safety are the strong points of these loading/unloading systems created by Kopron” said Mr Paolo Calvimanager in the sector– “thanks to the excellent equipment designed by Kopron technicians, thermal dispersion is strongly reduced, and the use of high quality materials plus the ‘made-in-Italy’ experience of the company guarantee durability over time”.

Each loading/unloading system consists of 3 elements: electro-hydraulic leveller with hinged lip, sectional door and dock shelter. These structures are designed to enable operations in total safety according to standards, and avoid expensive thermal dispersion.

Six, among the forty installed, are Dock Tunnels. That is – the dock shelter is linked to the bay by a tunnel, connecting vehicle directly to loading bay in case this latter leans out of the building. Besides, these tunnels are also able to rotate 45°  since these bays in particular are in corner positions.

The six special sectional doors are 8m large x 5m tall and allow efficient transit of vehicles towards inside the building, in case normal operations cannot be performed outside.

These doors are made of panels which guarantee the best thermal-acoustic insulation, and carry special Kopron patented vision panels which allow excellent visibility towards outside/inside and safety when doors are shut. This is a further evidence on how technical staff has given special attention to efficiency in order to meet specific requirements of customer.

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