Kopron loading/unloading systems to improve food supplies at the Shanghai University

Published on 4 March 2016
Modified on 28 March 2023

The project, commissioned by the Logistics Services at Shanghai University, aimed to optimize food loading/unloading for the university canteens.

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Kopron Wuxi, the Chinese sister-company of the well-known Italian Company, brought their world-wide experience in logistics solutions to Shanghai University.

Shanghai University, hosts thousands of students coming from all parts of the world and is one of the most prestigious universities in China and in the whole continent. The storage area optimized by Kopron supplies headquarters and subsidiaries, and now thanks to sixteen technological loading/unloading systems installed, the university canteens can be easily restocked.

“Technology, performance, cost optimization and energy saving are the strengths of our technical team” said Mr Paolo Mercuri, General Manager at Kopron Wuxi – “we have been chosen to develop a system to optimize logistics flows within this important project thanks to years of dedicated experience in the international market “.

The perfect management of the cold chain, with no thermal shock and the use of insulating panels have been fundamental in the choice of Kopron technologies.

Each loading/unloading system consists of three main components: electro-hydraulic dock leveler for loading/unloading goods from truck to warehouse and viceversa; automatic sectional door for insulation and dock shelter which covers and connects the rear part of the truck to building avoiding thermal dispersion, in total safety for operators.

The sectional doors have an insulated surface and are ideal for the transit of perishable goods like canteen supplies. The excellent insulation effect is guaranteed by the anhygroscopic, anti-mould, CFC free expanded polyurethane panel filling.

Panels are reinforced with prepainted carbonium-galvanised steel profiles.

The hot-dipped galvanized ramp, guarantees over time more resistance to weather conditions avoiding corrosion. This treatment is ideal in food environments which are often cleaned with specific cleansers.

Benjamin Zhu, Kopron Wuxi commercial focal point states that “more and more companies in the food sector are applying Kopron products to keep correct temperature parameters, and to optimize logistics flows with safe technology”. 

Kopron Technical Dpt cooperated strictly together with Customer to get the best results in managing the cold chain for the important University.

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