Kopron installed a PVC warehouse for the historical building of Mercedes in Brazil

Published on 28 July 2016
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Kopron installed a PVC warehouse for the historical building of Mercedes in Brazil

Kopron received a new recognition from abroad, for having installed at the historical building of Mercedes Benz at São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo, a huge warehouse to store spare parts of this prestigious car manufacturer.

Global Top player like Mecedes has chosen Kopron to create a 3000 m2 covered space in short time and flexibility.

The warehouse has a PVC covering, with a steel carrying body, it is 36m large, 83m long and 12m tall, it is provided with all comforts to allow the best structural and logistics performance.

Kopron offered a turnkey solution which also included: six pedestrian doors, three fast opening doors in PVC, easy lines, automatic bollards to delimit the entrance of trucks, automatic ventilation, cost saving led light systems, water conveyances systems and a thermal-acoustic system all along the warehouse.

Mercedes Benz has been in Brazil since 1956, and started off in this particular location which is the biggest outside Germany. It isn’t far from São Paulo and manufactures tractors, buses and most of the spare parts.

“This has been a very important installation for us- said Giacomo NiccolaiGeneral Manager at Kopron do Brasil– because it is the evidence of the validity of our structures, which are chosen by the best companies around the world to cover surfaces in total safety and flexibility, and this also  thanks to the efficient and well trained staff working in São Paulo which every day does its best to improve the products we install”.

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