Kopron humanitarian tents for emergency services and first aid requirements

Published on 26 March 2020
Modified on 28 March 2023

“Kopron Emergency Unit”. A new cover model designed to satisfy space related problems in hospitals.

kopron tendostrutture modulari per emergenze sanitarie

During this difficult period that the whole world is going through, more than ever Kopron has decided to provide ongoing support by implementing all of its experience acquired over the years to create humanitarian tents perfect for use in the cases of health emergencies. The idea of producing easy to install units with rapid assembly in any context whatsoever was born from the driving needs of the health service. The “Kopron Emergency Unit” is the new cover model that can resolve all problems related to the expansion of spaces.

In emergency related contexts and first aid situations, the availability of logistic equipment is vital in order to resolve problems related to the lack of space in a simple and fast manner. Here are all of the advantages of this new product: fast and quick production and installation, no hoisting means necessary and modular tends that allow for large surfaces to be covered in a short amount of time.


A new Kopron humanitarian tents designed to satisfy space related problems in hospitals


The simplicity and rapid installation is one of the main advantages. The supporting metal structure is made entirely using CNC machines that independently handle production: from the pick-up of bars right through to palletisation of the finished product. All of the main elements of the structure are pre-assembled. Final installation of the structure is carried out directly on site using an interlocking and grafting mechanism and with the use of bolts. This type of tent has been designed with the objective of adapting to the most disparate surfaces. No hoisting means are necessary for installation. With just two people a 6×6 metre unit can be assembled in just 4 hours. Light weight, space-saving and modular, allowing for expansion of the tent with extreme adaptability with every surface and requirement. All of these characteristics do not compromise any quality or safety standards and the Kopron tents strictly observe relative norms.

The core of the structure is made from zinc-coated steel tubes. The PVC covers called “Kopron Emergency Unit” are installed using pickets fixed to the floor and, in the case of inadequate ground, ballasts are used. The roof covering of the structures is made from fireproof PVC, guaranteeing maximum water resistance against atmospheric agents. The tent can be supplied with a kit of integrated and made-to-measure accessories: wiring system, flooring, doors and internal partitions.

The Kopron humanitarian tents for emergency services aim to provide a safe, solid, comfortable and healthy environment. Habitability and comfort are also important values that are taken into consideration in the new project designed.

“I strongly believe in this project that has been completed thanks to the work of a team created specifically (Engineers, Architects, employees in the production departments, Fitters and Sales Agents)”, Mario Vergani, President of the Kopron Group explains. “Research, development and dynamism lie at the heart of this operation. It was our duty to apply our know how in order to face this emergency and requirement in the best possible way. The new Kopron tents will allow any hospital to work in an intelligent and innovative habitat in the best possible way. As far as we are concerned, we guarantee the highest levels of operativity and support in full observance of the safety of our workers.”

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