Kopron supplies 84 loading bays and 110 doors for the new Logistic Pole

Published on 22 July 2014
Modified on 28 March 2023

Kopron for Itinera S.p.A. in the Intermodal Logistic park in Mortara, near Pavia (Italy)


Kopron – leaders in the logistic sector – and Itinera S.p.A. – Gavio Group – operating in the construction, transport and technical design – have worked together to complete the new area of the Intermodal Logistic park in Mortarasupplying eighty-four loading systems and hundred and ten doors. This logistic center is located in a strategic geographic location close to road, motorway, railway and airport links.

Loading/unloading systems are designed and manufactured to guarantee thermal insulation and operation in conditions of total safety, without waste of time and with no risk of damages to building and vehicles. Each system consists of sectional doors, ramps and dock shelters. Sectional doors may suit any building and thanks to the quick opening/closing system they allow industrial plants to be more functional; ramps adjust level between the warehouse floor and the vehicle platform; dock shelters are designed to absorb bumps due to wrong manoeuvres and to avoid thermal dispersion.

In particular, the ramps chosen by Itinera are of two types: sixty hydraulic with a hinged lip fixed to the platform by means of hinges 20 mm wide to access to normal vehicles, and twenty-four hydraulic with a telescopic lip fixed to the platform– the ramp ‘slides’ towards the platform allowing access both to normal vehicles and containers.

Thirty-six doors are pedestrian with leaves in double galvanised steel sheet, safety handle and steel core and seventy-four fire resistant doors, sixteen of which are sliding and fifty-eight pedestrian. These certified REI doors guarantee: mechanical, fire and smoke resistance, thermal insulation is kept up to 150°. These structures shall be installed in several companies outside but directly linked to the Logistic Park.

The whole supply was carried out in record time, by highly qualified technicians.

All Kopron products are strictly according to the ‘Made in Italy’ manufacturing principles and are provided with all necessary EU safety certifications.

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