Donnelley RR in Sao Paolo, chose a huge warehouse in PVC made by Kopron to cover an area of 2000 m2

Published on 6 November 2015
Modified on 28 March 2023

The well-known multinational company, leader in integrated digital and print communications, have created with the help of Kopron do Brasil, a shed consisting of three warehouses one next to the another

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Kopron do Brasil, Kopron’s Southern-American sister-company, has recently collaborated with one of the most important world-wide companies in the integrated digital and print communications, to exploit an area which otherwise wouldn’t have been much used, by creating a shed. Due to a matter of space and heights, the shed had to be split in three connecting warehouses one next to the other.

“Donnelley RR are global leaders in printing, digital and supply chain solutions,  with over 55.000 people working spread in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Ranking: 258 in the 2015 Fortune 500 listing of America’s largest corporations”

(Fortune 500 list)

For this specific project, Kopron had to make a careful assessment of the installation area to be able to design and produce warehouses with the right sizes to exactly fit one next to the other. The sizes are the following

Warehouse 1 L.30m x W.50m x h. 9,5 m.
Warehouse 2 L.40m x W 5m x h 5 m.
Warehouse 3 L.10m x  W 20m x h 5m.

Kopron do Brasil supplied, upon customer’s request,  coupling gutters inbetween the warehouses and an air ventilation system combined with the side windows in order to keep temperature stable. Great importancewas given to design, which usaully always accompanies functionality: Kopron do Brasil warehouses are unique by being ‘tropicalized’, with a hut-shaped front part. Exclusively for Donnelley RR, they made a special PVC tarpaulin with transparent, energy saving inserts which give a stripe effect.

The transparent tarpaulin filters natural light. The carrying bodies of the  warehouses are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel tubes. The covering fabric is self-extinguishing and anti-tear. This formula is thecore business of Kopron: the structures do not need any maintenance and last over time.

“Kopron’s expertise in this kind of installation, the quick assembly of the structures with the possibility to disassemble and reassemble them elsewhere at any time, are the reasons why customer chose Kopron”- said  Giacomo Niccolai – Kopron do Brasil General Manager.

Donnelley RR print four billion catalogues each year, besides they operate in one of the biggest electronic document archives in Europe, with over five billion data. The company has also reached two great goals: printing 50% of the New York Times best-sellers, and contributing to the increase of sales of Bibles around the world .

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