Our guide to choosing a Kopron high speed door: types and differences

Published on 29 June 2018
Modified on 28 March 2023
guida alla scelta porte rapide tipologie differenze

Kopron propose different types of high speed doors tailored to Customers’ requirements. PVC high speed doors are parte of industrial doors family and are ideal when vehicle transit is frequent. They roll or pack vertically, and are designed for an intensive use.

Ideal for both inside and outside locations, Kopron fast opening doors fit in any type of environment. They are technologically advanced and personalized in style, characteristics which have always been Kopron’s strong points.

These doors, completing Kopron fabric structures, warehouses and industrial steel buildings, allow an easy handling of the logistics flow. They are space-saving and time-saving.

Discover the different models of high speed doors proposed by Kopron

Kopron supply customized solutions. Their fast opening doors can be installed on steel warehouses as well as on masonry ones.

Kopron propose the following doors with the best possible quality/price offer:











Kopron Replay high speed self repairing doors


Mod. Replay

The Kopron’s new high speed self-repairing door. In case of accidental crush the fabric detaches from the side guides and during the next closing cycle it repositions itself within the guides and reiterates functioning. The robust PVC fabric slides in the guides with special profiles and zips which guarantee fast functioning and low maintenance.






Kopron Fast Roll high speed roll up doors


Mod. Fast Roll

The innovative high speed roll up door created by Kopron for fast and safe transits. Fast Roll has as simple but strong structure, it is versatile and cheap and guarantees high performance. Made of an aluminum structure, duly shaped to hold windproof and anti-wear side guides. The curtain is built according to customer requirements with a single curtain or with interchangeable sections.






Kopron Fast Pack High speed fold up doors


Mod. Fast Pack

High speed fold up doors can reach big sizes and are very efficient.The carrying structure is in galvanized steel with a wind proof PVC surface (it can resist up to 150m/h and even more if requested by Customer). Safety is also guaranteed in case of big size doors through safety edges inserted in the lower board panel of the fabric and side photocells.






  •   Giantpack, high speed doors designed for big size open spaces, frequently used for in- and-out movements. It has no limits in size and guarantees durabilitypower saving and very low maintenance. Giantpack is specially designed and tailored to the location where it is installed in order to guarantee wind-proof.


  •   Fast Cold, high speed self repairing roll up doors typology fridge/food/cold storage. They include the technology of high speed doors with improvements suitable for cold food storage, reaching a temperature of -25°C. The technical innovation of this kind of closure is constantly maintaining the temperature in freezing plants or in refrigeration warehouses.



The advantages of Kopron fast opening doors

Cutting-edge technology, speed of movement, functionality and safety- are the must-haves for this line of Kopron doors. If we add the high quality of personalization and design, they become unique elements necessary for daily logistics operations and for the visibility of customer identity.

Kopron high speed doors are in conformance with EC European Standards, and can be installed either on new fixed /retractable warehouses, or integrated into already existing ones.

The following are some winning aspects of the doors:

check-button.svg Space-saving, they can be installed in small spaces
check-button.svg Equipped with first class motors
check-button.svg Programmable electronic technology for soft departures and arrivals
check-button.svg Silent opening and closing movements
check-button.svg High windproof technology
check-button.svg Thermal resistance and energy saving
check-button.svg Integrated safety devices
check-button.svg No anchorages needed like in traditional sectional doors
check-button.svg Reduced thermal dispersion
check-button.svg Low maintenance
check-button.svg Consulting, cost /schedule planning and production for turn-key installations
check-button.svg Compliance with local standards regardin each product
check-button.svg Certified Warranty
check-button.svg Over 35 years of history with a consolidated know-how

For each door we offer the possibility to personalize each element: materials, finishing, colour and accessories. For prices please contact us.


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