Fabric warehouses in PVC to expand storage area for waste recycling

Published on 14 March 2017
Modified on 28 March 2023

A turnkey solution for a very important Italian Waste and Recycling Company

Capannoni mobili nuove aree stoccaggio

Mobile warehouses in PVC Kopron, quality guarantee and ongoing support to customers

Kopron’s aim isn’t only to sell a product, but to guarantee a turnkey solution, taking care of the product from design to development, production and after-sales service. Plastipol, Italian leaders in Europe in Waste and Recycling, has chosen Kopron as suppliers for two fabric warehouses. They needed to create more space to store and process plastic waste material.

Plastipol is a historical customer of Kopron’s, in the past they had already installed a couple of PVC double side warehouses covering a total area of 1484 m2.

Fabric structures in detail: technical specifications and quality of materials

The technical characteristics and quality of materials aim to guarantee safety and durability, this is the reason why Plastipol relied on Kopron again. This latest installation consists of two double side warehouses covering a total area of 2340 m2 with the following sizes: 18mt long x 65,04mt wide x 6mt tall.

These kind of tents can allow passage of vehicles in all directions and they can also be installed to connect one building to the other or to create independent storage areas.

The fabric consists of a Class II, self-extinguishing PVC weighing 900 g/m2, you can have it in two different colours (light grey RAL 7035 and green RAL 6026). The lacquered, reinforced double-layer polyester fabric offers high resistance to weather conditions and guarantees long life to the warehouse beyond expectations.

Both mobile warehouses have rear curtains and a side one. Accessories consist of a central gutter and drainpipes.

Logistic solutions and customer satisfaction are Kopron’s fundamental characteristics consolidated throughout the years

Since 1982 Kopron have always worked to improve logistics of any industrial reality, and have built an enormous experience in years of activity and reached high quality level which they offer to all their customers with tailored solutions for PVC fabric warehouses, loading bays and industrial doors.

Il Mr Giovanni Laino, local sales agent, was very proud to say that:

“This company has always felt satisfied with the quality, the cutting-edge solutions, the technical/commercial support Kopron offer. The structures have been produced in 13 working days, which proves how fast and efficient the Kopron assembling team is.”

Plastipol srl today is operating according to a new innovative policy: recover new resources from waste.

They always have promoted initiatives to raise awareness towards this topic in towns, schools, large-scale distribution in Italy and abroad, even to focus on separate collection systems and material recovery.

Having chosen a Kopron Warehoues is totally in harmony with Plastipol’s ‘green philosophy’, in fact these warehouses, are 100% retrievable in all their parts, not quite the same for masonry buildings.

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