Clear sectional doors for car dealers

Published on 8 October 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023

In Sicily (Italy), the brand Jaguar Land Rover shows off its cars

MAIN portoni sezionali per concessionaria jaguar

#FOTIAUTO located at Misterbianco is the new Jaguar Land Rover dealer in Sicily for the areas of Catania, Messina, Enna, Caltanissetta and Agrigento. The new warehouse was completed with clear sectional doors – mod. K-Vision – equipped with pedestrian doors produced by Kopron.

Giuseppe Foti, owner of the car dealership, has expressed:

“The project, studied out in compliance with Jaguar Land Rover international standards, included the installation of Kopron sectional doors which had to be totally transparent, in order to create a ‘shop display window’ effect. Quality and reliability of Kopron’s brand along with their expertise have been fundamental to immediately understand which was the right product to suit our new and important reality.”

K-Vision sectional doors. Ideal for exhibition requirements

Beauty, functionality, silence and safety with observance of the norms 13241: these are the main features of the K-Vision sectional doors by Kopron. The sectional doors open vertically by sliding upwards, leaving free space in front of and behind the door itself. The panels slide vertically, sliding along the ceiling. This model of doors satisfies all of the functional characteristics of sectional doors but thanks to the wide range of materials and accessories available, they make an impact in terms of beauty and style. Sectional doors with perfectly integrated functionality and design. The K-Vision doors are sectional doors produced by Kopron for expository requirements. These doors have clear panels and are the ideal solution for activities with expository requirements such as car dealers, showrooms etc. Inclusion of the lifting handle in aluminium die-cast with a Kopron patented design guarantees elegance. The product fitted is made of RAL 9006 silver grey painted aluminium profiles with 33.1 extra clear safety glass. In order to guarantee the best possible level of thermal insulation, glass panels have been chosen with highly thermal profiles and with high energy saving performance levels. The guides are made from galvanised steel duly assembled using a RIVSET system, with EPDM side gaskets in order to guarantee silence and safety.

Kopron: made-to-measure quality

The development department is available for all made-to-measure productions. Kopron has always tried to satisfy the requirements of Customers, designers and the installation areas. This can be translated into the ability to create standard as well as made-to-measure products. Contact with the technical sales staff in the area, Luca Peluso (Logik) was vital for identification of customer requirements. Through an important Technological and Production Centre dedicated to the field of industrial closing systems, the company has succeeded in providing this important added value to its Customers. The doors reflect every single requirement of the customer. Just like a made-to-measure suit, Kopron doors become tailor made, combining beauty and functionality. Thanks to this philosophy, the Italian plant specialised in doors has expanded its range of doors in a complete and innovative manner in just a few years.

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