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Departments of R & Dto improve mechanical ,design and functionalitywith focus on energy saving .

infinite warranty

Compliance with the highest quality standards for : design, construction , installation and after sales service.

integrated planning

Integrated planning and keys in hand on time and costs.


Compliance with the regulations of each product in each country , for maximum security .


35 years of history with a consolidated know-how and evolving.

Personalized solutions

Standardization and personalization: design and production flexibility in all accomplishments.

Quality and design

Structural quality and attention to design, every product is designed to be integrated harmoniously with the environment.

Who we are

An International Organisation

Compliance with the highest quality standards in design, construction, installation and after-sales assistance, constant development and professionalism in sales relations are the keys to the success of Kopron SpA, a leading European production oriented organisation in the field of industrial logistics.

Kopron has always invested in research and development and in the creation of exclusive patents according to strong market orientation.  Thanks to its experience and qualified know-how, the company, run for more than 30 years by the first founders, the Vergani family, has made its mark on the market for its logistic solutions and advanced products in technology and design, capable of satisfying the requirements of every organisation.

Kopron is currently an international organisation that still preserves the typical characteristics of the Italian companies that are very aware of customers and work towards product improvement and the diversification of solutions.

Products and Solutions

Kopron Logistic Solutions is the core division serving industrial logistics since 1982, born with one single mission: improving the optimising the logistic flows of every organisation.  A complete range of products, with the highest possible level of quality currently available to even the most demanding of Customers: fixed and retractable warehouses made from PVC curtains or sandwich panels, systems for loading and unloading of goods, industrial transit and safety closures.

New divisions are born every year within the group from the Kopron experience in order to serve its Customers in the best possible way: Kopron Service, an important decision dedicated to customer care and after-sales assistance; Kopron Agro-Energy, a division dedicated to the Agricultural-Energy field applied to greenhouse structures; Kopron Sport, a division dedicated to the creation of structures for sports activities; Kopron Living dedicated entirely to the consumer market with elegant garage doors; Kopron Events, a division dedicated to tensile structures and solutions for the market of events.

Kopron has its own engineering and specialised production divisions.  Products of all kinds are created from woodwork according to orders received, for small and large products, this division is called Kopron Engineering.

Our presence in Italy

Besides its general Headquarters in Gorgonzola (Milan, Italy) that covers an area of 25,000 square metres, the company has a sales network covering all of the Italian provinces and an important Technological Centre dedicated to closure systems, located in Molfetta, Bari in Southern Italy.


Organisation in Italy
Gorgonzola (MI) – Headquarters
Molfetta (BA) – Production centre and sales branch
A widespread network of more than 60 salesmen and dealers that can cover the entire domestic market.

The presence of Kopron for the world
Gorgonzola (MI) Italy - Headquarters
Molfetta (BA) Italy – Technological Centre for Closure Systems
Arnàs – France
Wuxi – China
Jundiai  - Brazil

International development
Our branches abroad are more and more important, thanks to a development and international placing campaign that the company supports with extreme trust.  Besides the branches in France, China and Brazil and the support of salesmen and dealers in almost every foreign country, the shares acquired in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America are constantly increasing.

The international distribution network
Through its Export department (export@kopron.com), Kopron has created a network of dealers and distributors throughout the world that are able to support Customers from all over the world in their choice of the very best logistic solution, therefore dealing with all of the after-sales installation phases.

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