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Kopron humanitarian tents for emergency services


Departments of R & Dto improve mechanical ,design and functionalitywith focus on energy saving .

infinite warranty

Compliance with the highest quality standards for : design, construction , installation and after sales service.

integrated planning

Integrated planning and keys in hand on time and costs.


Compliance with the regulations of each product in each country , for maximum security .


35 years of history with a consolidated know-how and evolving.

Personalized solutions

Standardization and personalization: design and production flexibility in all accomplishments.

Quality and design

Structural quality and attention to design, every product is designed to be integrated harmoniously with the environment.


29 mag 2019

Kopron has created a first division sports center for S.P.A.L. Ferrara. "Being able to count on the constant presence of Kopron as our sole partner has definitely simplified the construction process".

04 giu 2015

“We are fully satisfied with the work carried out by Kopron with the last fast-walls installed, as the two objectives were to drastically optimise space and simplify access by the industrial vehicles.  We appreciated the design as well as the quality of the product, tested every day in the company”.

25 set 2014

“With 10,000 sqm of Kopron warehouses in 2012 we managed to reduce damage caused by the earthquake extremely quickly; the steel structures are perfect for seismic areas, guaranteeing safety in the event of natural adverse events”.

26 mag 2014

“With the World Cup in Brazil, we were able to experiment the excellence of Kopron coverings. Created in a very short amount of time, they allowed the Italian team to use them quickly and efficiently”.

02 ott 2015

“Perfect management of the cold chain, heat variations and insulation of the door panels were the main factors that led to the choice of Kopron technologies”.

18 mar 2015

“Thanks to the sectional doors supplied by Kopron, apart from closing the areas in question, they made the entire environment functional with great advantages in terms of heat insulation and opening/closing speed”.

18 mar 2015

“Our satisfaction goes to the excellent work carried out, allowing us to provide the loading and unloading areas with a space that, otherwise, would not have been used”.

26 giu 2015

“With Kopron we increased the amount of space available in the paddock area thanks to the Kovertop solution, an intelligent idea”.

05 mag 2012

“The partnership with Kopron was an unforgettable experience! The sports covers provided are of the highest level and have allowed us to optimise our activities on and off the pitch”.

02 apr 2015

“We work with Kopron with extreme satisfaction, helping students to understand how to optimise spaces and logistics in companies and not only: in Kopron Wuxi we always find availability in collaborating with the university world because first of all we share the value of correct training and preparation for future generations”.

10 apr 2015

“The large spaces that GLP had to fit out in Gravatai required of Kopron important engineering studies by their Technical Department, called upon to define the loading and unloading areas over a very large surface area extremely quickly”.

20 ott 2015

“With extreme satisfaction we would like to express our appreciation for the installation results”, states the Surveyor Fazio on behalf of his office.  “Made-to-measure sectional doors were studied, allowing us to optimise the time required for maintenance and to use the spaces before being occupied by large door supporting structures”.

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