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Kopron for Stiltrasporti: easy handling of material thanks to modern and efficient loading/unloading systems


Kopron, well-known leaders in the logistic field for over the past thirty years, together with Stiltrasporti, one of the most important Italian transport companies with connections in all Europe, have studied out a solution for a new logistic pole at Lamezia Terme in South Italy. The supply consisted in eleven electro-hydraulic ramps with a hinged lip, eight with mould for vehicles without hydraulic edge and three with mould for vehicles with tailgates, plus six motorized sectional doors.

The models chosen for the ramps enable to handle goods on any type of vehicle. Thanks to the scrupulous calculation of the capacity and to the careful choice of materials and accessories, these ramps can absorb collisions and bear overloads without any risk to people or things.

Besides the ramps, customer needed sectional doors for the warehouse. Kopron had to work out a tailored solution since there were limits in height due to the presence of a overhead crane which could have interfered with the door movements.

The six doors installed are the half-vertical automatic opening type. The advantage of these kind of doors are without any doubt the soundproof and thermal insulation properties, thanks to special insulating materials the doors are made of.

Along with order, Stiltrasporti had also the opportunity to take part in a competition organized by Kopron on the occasion of the World soccer championship 2014 in Brazil, and won 2nd prize.

Salvatore Comito, Stiltrasporti Chairman, was very satisfied of the installation and said: “Excellent job, we are now able to properly handle the goods in an area which otherwise wouldn’t have been used. We were also amused to take part in the competition organized by Kopron winning second prize”.

Omar Roberti, Kopron sales agent for the area, closely followed all phases of installation and said: “The relationship with both Comito brothers has become a friendship, thanks to Kopron who rely on installers which are able to perform a good job and always meet working schedules”.

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