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Kopron confirm partnership with Gresini Racing and produce a special Kovertop for covering space behind the box

PThe Milanese company, leaders in the logistic field and the renowned motorcycle team have confirmed their cooperation for the third year running. Gresini Aprilia Racing Team will use Kovertop – an exclusive tent created by Kopron – during the 2015 MOTO GP World Championship.


Kopron e Gresini Racing are together again for season 2015, renewing their technical partnership. For the occasion a new exclusive tent called Kovertop, has been created with an exclusive Kopron design which will cover and protect the whole area behind the box between the two containers. This officially makes Kopron the Technical supplier of Gresini Aprilia Racing team.

Kopron CEO, Mr Mario Vergani and Mr Fausto GresiniManager and founder of the Gresini Racing team, signed the agreement. ‘Team spirit, energy and a strong will to win” mentioned by Mr Vergani, are the characteristics Kopron have always shared with sports world and which have led to this important partnership, he also added that ‘Much to our satisfaction we have brought Kovertop technology to the Gresini team world. Our staff put into this project all their expertise and experience to contribute to the success of this great team”.

Kovertop covers a 150 m2 area between the two containers at the paddock behind the box, and it has been especially designed to exploit and widen the working and transit space harmonizing perfectly with the two side containers hosting workshops and offices.

The whole structure has been designed by Kopron with advanced technology. It consists of aluminium extruded bars with a self-leveling system which controls the shape of the trusses. In case of swinging movements or vibrations it is able to keep balance and stability. The covering fabric is in polyestere with personalized graphics, the inside of the fabric has a Class 1 self-extinguishing polyurethane layer.

During 2015 MotoGP World championship Kovertop will follow Gresini Aprilia Racing Team Gresini in all  the European stops.

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