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Kopron have created a 3500 sqm PVC covering over the Expo baffle gates

The steel structure with a PVC tarpaulin fabric covering made by Kopron, is perfectly in compliance with safety standards and helps to handle the big flow of visitors.


Kopron, is a renowned Milanese company, leaders in the construction of light warehouses. They put all their know-how and experience in this global event, in producing a tent covering the baffle gates.

Kopron’s CEO – Mr Mario Vergani – said: “Expo is giving us the opportunity to display excellent Italian made/Kopron made products in this International showcase. We have always worked hard to achieve ambitious results like this, and we are proud to give a contribution, with our products  optimizing logistics and safety within Expo 2015. The tents over the baffle gates are only the first series of designs Kopron have worked out for the exhibition”.

The structure consists of 59 modules: 19 at west, 33 at east and 7 are reserved accesses for personnel. Design has been very carefully studied out to offer an essential and modern style in accordance with the ultra modern style of the exhibition.

The Kopron structure integrates perfectly with the over 100 x-ray detectors and ‘sniffers’ to detect explosives and metal detectors, protecting the baffle gates.

From a strict technical point of view, these tents are dome structures with calendar finish. The carrying bodies are in hot-galvanized steel, which makes them flexible, anti-seismic, weather proof, long-lasting and with no maintenance needed.

The carrying structure has also a rainwater collection system. The fabric, is a ‘Panama’, self-extinguishing, class 2, PVC double-layer type, the colour is white offering shade from natural light and protection from bad weather. The fabric has been fixed to ground with a tensioning system especially studied out for Expo, with weatherproof and windproof reinforcements.

Kopron S.p.A, a consolidated International reality in the logistics field, have implemented a wide range of products able to meet all industrial sectors. Kopron is operating at present in five different sectors: Sport, Living, Energy Services and Engineering, in over 30 years experience they have reached highest quality standards. Thanks to sister-companies located in Spain, France, China, Brazil, and to retailers all over the world a great slice of the foreign market has been covered.


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